On 5th September, Indian BTS fans were in for an unexpected treat. Tiger Shroff, an extremely popular Bollywood actor known for his upbeat dancing skills, dropped a robust dance cover on the pop band’s latest hit single- Dynamite. The 1-minute long dance cover of BTS’ Dynamite, has garnered almost 4 million views on Instagram, where it was first released. This created a buzz and excitement among Indian fans- everyone wanted to know more, especially the million-dollar question- Is Tiger Shroff an army?


Tiger Shroff Talks About BTS:

The curiosity was put to rest when on 22nd September, ahead of the release of his singing debut into the music industry with the song “Unbelievable” (currently trending at #17 on Youtube), Tiger Shroff went on a countdown live on Youtube to interact with fans.

During the live, a fan asked him if a future collaboration with BTS is impending. The actor responded in an extremely humbled manner saying “meri aukaat nahi hai” (Trans: I’m not worthy enough) and acknowledged the pop group’s power, calling them “The biggest group in the world right now.” Much to Indian armies’ joy, he proudly admitted to being a fan and was warmly welcomed into the fandom.



Speaking about the new Billboard-topping single by the septet, Tiger mentioned his dance cover and called the single “a fun, feel-good song”. In appreciation of the song’s message, he said “in times like these we need that light and those vibes” and described how it’s the group’s lyrics, message, visuals, dance and sheer talent which has made their music transcend boundaries across the world.


When BTS released the single, they hoped that it would cheer up people in these challenging times, bring energy and lighten up the mood of the audience worldwide. Rest assured, Tiger’s response shows us that the group has been wildly successful in getting their message across.


Tiger Shroff’s message comes as great encouragement for Indian armies as they hope for a wider acknowledgment of the massive Indian fanbase of the group.


Writer: Manasi Kamthe