The Older The Fiddle The Sweeter The Tune- A Feeling That Emanates From Boys Over Flowers

The historic Korean television drama that started a global wave of Lee Min Ho Fans across the world couldn’t stop the Indian channel Zing Tv from showing interest in the drama. The channel started airing ‘Boys Over Flowers’ on February 1 this year. Its even greater news for the Indian Fans of the drama, to watch their favorite artists on television. The hindi dubbing is the most enthralling news to ever happen to a K-Drama. For those parents that chastised their kids, now, can finally relate to what makes a K-Drama so atypical. The airing time starts with 11AM in the morning with back to back episodes till 3PM. Boys Over Flowers came in the year 2009 but the human understanding of a nonchalant world in the drama seems to be eternal.

Drama Summary

The drama’s starring Lee Min-Ho (as Gu Jun-Pyo), Gu Hye-Sun(as Geum Jan-Di), Kim Bum(as So Yi-Jung), Kim Hyun-Joong(as Yoon Ji-Hu), Kim Joon(as Song Woo-Bin), Kim So-Eun(as Chu Ga-Eul). Boys Over Flower is based on the Japanese shojo manga series Hana Yori Dango written by Yoko Kamio. Jan-Di comes from a humble family earning their livelihood from a dry cleaning business. Due to the circumstantial popularity from saving a man, she gains the fortune of studying at one of the Korea’s most prestigious school run by Shinhwa group. Gu Jun-Pyo is the heir of Shinhwa group and the leader of F4, the most powerful group of rich mogul kids that attend the same school. Jun-pyo is a masochistic-egocentric guy, that has intolerance towards a person standing up against him. Intrigued by Jan-Di’s courage he becomes interested in causing her peril and moved by her consistency that emotion gradually transforms to affection.

Meanwhile, being consistently saved by Ji-Hu, Jan-Di begins to have a one sided crush on him who apparently was in love with his childhood friend and a successful model, Min Seo-Hyun. An exciting love triangle begins after Ji-Hu realizes his affection towards Jan-Di, at the onset of her relationship with Jun-Pyo. Ji-Hu’s character is the exact definition of second lead syndrome, his constant support for his friend and Jan-Di is heartbreaking, but, a much needed emotion to the story. Ga-Eul is Jan-Di’s best friend and as the story progresses, she falls for a member of F4 So Yi-Jung. He is a pottery expert and is the center of girls’ predilection. In the effort of gaining his attention, Ga-Eul starts learning pottery from Yi-Jung’s childhood love without realizing their relation.

International Promotional poster for Boys Over Flowers.

The winding crisps in the story, keeps the viewers’ intimidated and is the possible reason that even with a total of 25 episodes one can never feel sated. Woo-Bin is like the first brick that keep a building intact, he is someone capable enough to overturn a mountain for the sake of his friends. Convoluted love triangles, is not the only spice of the drama; true friendships and consistent support, whether in destitute or while fighting a war between dreams over the responsibility of heredity, even falls short as an epilogue. To say the least Boys Over Flowers, possesses the capability to nurture a perennial fan audience, be it after 12 years, like today or even 20.

~By Ekleen Kaur