In a first for the boys and their Indian fans, also known as Melodies, Born To Beat, popularly known as BTOB, has secured a commendable and unprecedented achievement on the Indian chart. The title track “Show Your Love” from the subunit BTOB 4U’s debut EP ‘Inside’ charted at #5 on iTunes India.

Source: @btobmelodyindia

The septet with two subunits: BTOB Blue and BTOB 4U debuted in 2012 under Cube Entertainment. While the other members are currently completing the mandatory military enlistment, the subunit BTOB 4U released its first EP Inside, which garnered success on multiple global charts. Other tracks from the album Alone(#47), Mirage (#48), Bull’s Eye (#49) and Tension (#50) also charted within the top 50 on iTunes India. This was a momentous feat for Indian Melodies.

Source: @btobmelodyindia


The title number, “Show Your Love” plummeted to #12 and is currently at #20 on the iTunes India chart.

Not only did the song chart successfully in the top 5, but the music video for the song also received the highest number of views in India.


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Previously, only one of the members, Seo Eunkwang had his album, “Dear My Dear”, enter the Indian iTunes charts.


India also ranked number 1 country to contribute to Youtube views in the last 7 days with 926K view count!

4 out of the top 10 cities where the music video received the highest number of views were Indian cities, with Patna coming in second only to Seoul!

Congratulations to the group and their devoted Indian Melodies on this breakthrough!