Day after day these idols can’t quit playing with Desi hearts huh?


In a recent interview with a Korean magazine called Singles Magazine, K-Pop Idol Sungjae (a member of BTOB – 7 member Boy Group under Cube Entertainment) mentioned that he would like to try something like Bollywood in the future.


Fans dug up on this not long after the BTOB 2020 season greetings were released. In the greeting card by Ilhoon another member of BTOB, he wrote: “मैं तुम्हे प्यार करता हूँ” (which means I love you) to Sungjae.

Yes, he wrote a message in Hindi!!!!!!!



All of this has got Indian fans connecting dots and wondering if, in fact, BTOB’s Sungjae has some secret project coming up related to Bollywood.


What do you guys think?