Namaste BTS

While ARMY World is going crazy with the release of BTS’ new album “Map of The Soul 7” and here comes a freaking treat for Desimys!

** drum rolls **

BTS has acknowledged #Namastebts!


January 31, 2019 was a special day to Indian music fans as the global streaming giant “Spotify” was set to be released in the country for the first time. This was celebrated in a grand gesture especially by the Desimys by trending the hashtag #NamasteBTS on twitter, which then went on to trend for several hours STRAIGHT. This has been one of the several attempts by the fandom in order to gain attention of the popular band and all that efforts have been FINALLY acknowledged by BTS! ✨💥💜

On the release of their new Album, we see BTS in a short video posted by @spotifyindia promoting their new album in Spotifyindia music app.

In the video, we see BTS shout out “#NamasteBTS” altogether as asked by their leader, Namjoon. Followed by Namjoon’s words,

“When spotify launched in India, the term #NamasteBTS was trending among the users in India. It was HOT.”


To which, The Rapper Suga added,

” I hope fans can learn more about Spotify through us and enjoy more great music.”

People out there, have you been Jamming to the music well?
I suppose you do!