In a global press conference held on 25th February, 2020, the record-breaking Number 1 boy group, BTS sketched out their inspirations, messages and aspirations that they hope their new album, Map of the Soul: 7 will convey to the audience.

Describing the album as “our confession”, Jin says that this album is about the seven members of BTS being in one team and how they are looking back now at the seven years’ of highs and lows they have experienced which has shaped their selves and regulated their growth ever since.

The album’s new comeback single, “ON” was also explained by the genius producer and rapper of BTS, Suga who believed that the song signified how BTS had learned to stand up high and cope with “the difficulties and the wounds” they have received in these seven years’ of great toil.


The conference then proceeded with BTS stating their aspirations for 2020 as they stand to beat a record previously held by ‘The Beatles’ for the most consecutive number one albums in the span of two years, with the release of Map of the Soul: 7 and further on how the members feel immense pressure to succeed because of these high expectations everyone has of them.

However, Suga states that ultimately their fans’ happiness is what matters the most to them saying,

“I think results and records are important, but if people can draw happiness from our music, I think that would be the greatest result that we can achieve. We worked really hard on this album so that we could give back some of the love that we’ve received from our fans, so I hope you love it.”


While the press conference had important aspects of the album and the lives of the seven talented boys being discussed and revealed, one particular question will surely have caught the “desi eyes” of ARMYs and K-Pop lovers as it was a question posed to BTS by a dedicated ARMY and journalist, Riddhi Chakraborty of Rolling Stone India!

It was a question chosen by the lil mochi of the group, Park Jimin himself from among the hidden horde of questions as he answered the salient question posed by Riddhi,

“Musicians play a massive role in defining a generation and BTS is undoubtedly one of the artists that will define ours. What do you hope your lasting legacy will be decades from now?”



His reply to the ‘First-time Ever asked Question about their Legacy‘ was,

“I think that [our legacy] will be our music and our albums and I hope they will be. I hope that our music and our albums are the stories we want to tell written into the lyrics of our albums like Map of the Soul: 7 and Love Yourself. We worked very hard to make these albums; they are very precious to us. Thankfully, fans around the world understand our music and relate to it. Even though the language is different, we’re thankful that you hear our message. We have artists from decades ago — their music still inspires and heals people today. I hope our album will do the same with many people and that will be our precious legacy.”


Hence, with the discussion of the storyline behind their new album, their goals for 2020, the challenges they have faced to reach where they are now and the valuable thoughts on the legacy of BTS, the Global Press Conference ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ was wrapped up successfully. 


For more detailed information, view the press conference recorded:


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