The BTS A.R.M.Y is a wonderful and diverse group of people that love to show their love and respect for BTS whenever and however possible. The group turning 7 is a huge celebration for the fans and the group alike, the celebrations as always were emotional and exciting with releases of family photos, ‘still with you’ Jungkook’s ode to ARMY and the very heartwarming video to ‘We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal’

We’ve seen ARMY create many projects for good causes and here we’re going to share one such group that has created a Mixtape containing 9 songs for BTS. The profits created by the mixtape will be donated to UNICEF and Black Lives Matter in goodwill. The project consists of ARMY from all over the world serving as a gift for BTS’ anniversary on the 13th of June.

The mixtape consists of 9 original songs, created and produced by ARMY.

It takes inspiration from the message of the MOTS:7 album, like a diary of the members.

The hardships and pain they went through all those seven years dealing with their shadows, overcoming them and coming back even stronger!  – Mixtape For BTS Team


The project intends to give the members appreciation and thanks for all that they have done for the fans. Out of the 9 tracks, there are seven songs made for each member specifically, but they can also have meaning for the rest of the group.

The way BTS’ music is healing to us, we would like to do a small part in healing the world. – Mixtape For BTS Team


This project started to take shape way back in August 2019. Dayna the producer and mastermind behind this project decided to create this mixtape to thank BTS for teaching her how to speak herself and for their encouraging words, through her love for music. Creations start small and this one started as Dayna’s recordings on her iPhone which were then shared with the singer song-writers for lyrics. During this one year, there were many ups and downs, but BTS inspired Dayna to never give up on her passion.

“Now, the process wasn’t easy, and I always have this fear that the listeners might not find the songs attractive, insecurities kicking in, so every day, I try to learn something new from music, and meditate on the songs. But I’m glad that I have my fam-team supporting me while on the process. I always ask them of their opinion of how it sounds etc.”

“Team works make the dream work” and during the production process a lot of people heard the songs and helped in making the album optimum for both earphones and speakers.

On writing lyrics:

“When I write songs, I do it the best in solitude and silence or while listening to something calming. Inspiration plays a great role in how well the writing process is going. I try to express what I sincerely feel in the depth of my heart about something or somebody through the magic of words. If that’s a song dedicated to somebody, I’d revive the best memories and strongest feelings I have, i’d go through old pictures, conversations, things related to that person. When I write, I open my heart to the world, I feel happy & in harmony.”

Yulia C., Ukraine


“For me, working on music like this was a completely new experience. I always found making creating music really interesting but I never thought I’d end up doing it myself! I also always had difficulty writing lyrics but when it came to this project and BTS specifically those few words I managed to contribute came so easily and naturally.”

Nora Kristin, Hungary


Some words by Indian Army that got to participate in this promotion of the mixtape:

“On this journey I made so many friends, from all over the world. I had the opportunity to give back to my favourite band in the whole world. BTS means so much to me and to have the opportunity to be a part of something that was made for them is truly a once in a lifetime chance. I learnt so much from this project, it made me a hard working person, and I’m so grateful for it.”

Trisha, INDIA


“The fun I had with #MixtapeForBTS2020 team can never be forgotten. It was such an enriching experience for me both emotionally and in learning. I hope to work with them again in the future! Thank you guys.”

Yashika, INDIA


Around 50 people have participated in this project, with Dayna as the producer. The mixtape is published on streaming platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. We hope the project reaches BTS and fans across the world!

Title track:

Here’s a link to pre-order the tracks which will be released on the 20th of this month:

It is fascinating to see fanbases work so hard and build such a lovable community to be a part of. During these trying times, it is great to see a ray of hope in the form of a creative and endearing project.