BTS ARMY Raises Money For Night School In India

BTS is ‘shining through the city with a little funk and soul,’ and breaking all billboard records with their new single, Dynamite, but ARMY isn’t far behind.

ARMYs are always at the helm of events when it comes to organizing charitable events on behalf of BTS.

BTS ARMY has made headlines often for their massive strength towards philanthropy.

A collective group of ARMY, which deals specifically with donating to charities, has set up a separate initiative for BTS’s leader, Kim Namjoon, aka RM, for his birthday. Called “One In An ARMY Charity Project”, the group is donating to a night school in India, ‘Barefoot College’. Making education accessible for rural, remote and underprivileged children with daytime obligations & reduce the number of dropouts.

The aim of the donation is to set up an entire Digital Night School as an alternative to physical classes, keeping in mind the rising Covid-19 cases in India.

Barefoot College, which now exists in 93 countries, in 1972 in the rural outpost of Tilonia, Rajasthan. Naming it the “Barefoot With Namjoon Fundraiser”, ARMY’s shared the news on Twitter.

The project had started with a goal to meet 5,000 USD or almost 3 lakh, 70 thousand rupees. At the time of writing this, the fundraiser has crossed the initial goal and is set to achieve 23K USD, of which 93% is already obtained!
*Previous donation done by BTS ARMY