ARMY! Are you excited that BTS are in Mumbai for their new season of Bon Voyage!!

You must be surprised and wondering how this could be possible given the current circumstances but this was possible because of the project undertaken by the Mumbai Club of BTS ARMY (M.C.B.A)

As you know June is a special month for ARMYs and BTS. Along with enjoying the FESTA, ARMYs also take part in various humanitarian projects and goodwill categories by donating collectively or by volunteering in the name of BTS to various organizations.

For this year a charity project in the name of “#7WithArmy” was undertaken by OIAA & fanbases around the world and one of the projects under it was “Anpanvan’s Freerice Journey”, in which ARMY could participate by playing a trivia game on Freerice app which donates 10 grains of rice for every right answer via the World Food Programme.

To make it interesting and to do something special for the Mumbai ARMY the M.C.B.A planned a 2-day trip wherein BTS would go around iconic spots in Mumbai and also have a concert & fansign all while playing the game on Freerice through four groups formed by the M.C.B.A and 2 groups by OIAA.

The project was for 2 days and on Day 1 of the project, BTS visited various tourist locations around Mumbai. All these locations could be visited when ARMYs collected 20,000 grains of rice in the group and on Day2 BTS had a concert and fansign and each of those locations could be visited by collecting 25,000 grains of rice in the group.

The M.C.B.A made the experience realistic and exciting by including videos and posters made by them to give ARMYs an authentic experience of BTS in Mumbai! Please check out their project on their twitter account @mumbai_bts

At the end of this project not only did the ARMYs get to enjoy together, but they also made a meaningful contribution. With their effort, they donated over 1.8LAC+ Rice Grains on Freerice!


Fanbases around the world have redefined the meaning of being a fan by taking part in these meaningful and charitable projects!!

Although BTS is yet to visit India, through this project ARMY was able to imagine if it were to be true but let us pray and hope that BTS does visit India and hold a concert here!!

What do you think of fan projects?

Have you participated in this project?

What other projects have you participated in?

Let us know in the comments below!

Until then stay safe, wash your hands, and listen to your favorite K-Pop artists!