BTS Charts #1 On iTunes India With "Life Goes On" And Album "BE"

BTS unveiled their fifth studio album ‘BE’ with the lead single ‘Life Goes on’ at 02:00 P.M KST on 20th November 2020. ‘Life Goes On’ cemented #1 on the Top 10 on iTunes India.

The lead single is currently trending at #1 in Mizoram, Kerala, Mumbai, Goa, Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Assam on YouTube with a whopping 36 Million views within 10 hours of its release. Other tracks from BE have obtained #2 ‘Stay’,#4 ‘Blue & Grey’, #5 ‘Fly to My Room’, #6 ‘Telepathy’, #7 ‘Dis-ease’, #8 ‘Skit’, #9 ‘Dynamite’ positions on the chart. ‘Life Goes On’ has successfully earned 77 Million views earlier today (At the time of writing).



The musical phenomenon and world star BTS yet again proved that no one can slander their records except for themselves. The new album is also charting on No. 1 on iTunes India.



The album also appeared on Spotify, attaining top 7 positions on Spotify’s India Top 50 with ‘Life Goes On’, ‘Dynamite’, ‘Fly to My Room’, ‘Blue & Grey’, ‘Telepathy’, ‘Stay’, ‘Dis-ease’. The track ‘Skit’ has debuted on #12  in the list. According to the data from Spotify (At the time of writing), ‘Life Goes On’ has 562,594 plays in India, making India #2 in streaming the album on this platform after the U.S with 1.077 Million plays (At the time of writing).


Life Goes On

‘Life Goes On’ is an Alternative Hip-Hop track, it evokes the emotion of longingness the members are undergoing as they can not meet their fans due to the rife of COVID. The song has healing and an easy to listen to vibe backed by the emotional vocals of the members. The music video shows the personal side and raw emotions of each member as described by the Director of the album Jeon Jungkook.

The lyrics “Like an echo in the forest, The day will come back around, As if nothing happened Yeah, life goes on” depict their wish and hope for the pandemic to end, and for things go back to as they were before.

Suga in his verse says, “People say the world has changed, But thankfully between you and me nothing has changed” stating that despite numerous stormy circumstances the bond between BTS and their fans has never been troubled.

Source: @bts_bighit



The musical giants earlier this year on August 21st released their first promotional track for ‘BE’, Dynamite, which landed the group at #1 on Billboards Hot 100 making them the first Asian act to achieve the spot. After cementing an astonishing record with their Disco-Pop and making the world sway to their beats, the group released the calm and melodious ‘Life Goes On’ the second promotional track, which also serves as the leading track for ‘BE’ as a message of hope and healing during the wake of new normality.


‘BE’ Global Press Conference

In the BE Global Press Conference held earlier today, RM mentioned “The album consists of our candid thoughts and stories in the current situation of a pandemic. We wanted to show our raw emotions to our fans (ARMY) in these times and wanted to spread the hope that despite the turbulent situation ‘Life Goes On’ “.  Jimin the group’s Vocalist and Project Manager of the album said, “While working on the new album I talked to the members about various things and our sincere wishes to perform in front of our fans, but due to COVID all our plans came to halt, which made us sad after talking to the members I felt at ease and we wanted to comfort a lot of people with this album”.

Check the Lead Track ‘Life Goes On’ here:


The group is scheduled to perform ‘Life Goes On’ Live for American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

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