BTS have had a lot of impressive collaborations over the years but amidst the most large-scale and hyped ones is their collaboration with Samsung- the limited edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds+, Bangtan style.

The exterior of the phone *SCREAMS*  BTS with purple hues decorating the body of the usual Samsung Galaxy S20+ and the BTS logo at the lower back of the phone, topped with ARMYs signature purple heart at the bottom right of the camera.

When it comes to the Galaxy Buds+, it is just as exciting as the phone was! The earbuds come packaged in a black box with little shaded purple hearts decorating it, with the Samsung and BTS logo. The case of the buds are an attractive deep purple, matching the top of buds inside which rock a little purple heart and BTS logo of their own.

After switching the phone on, ARMYs can check out the special lock screen and limited wallpaper of their idols. As well as super cool custom features that aren’t a part of the ‘normal version of the device.

Of course, any form of merch isn’t complete without collectors photocards of all 7 members, as well as a sheet of stickers that says a very comforting phrase commonly said by BTS- I do believe in your galaxy.

It’s safe to say that these new BTS themed gadgets are every ARMYs dream! They have already launched on Samsung India, both online and in-store so maybe now all of us ARMYs will have a new way to recognize fellow stans all around the country. Tell us in the comments down below if you will be getting one for yourself or not!

All images obtained from the Samsung India website