BTS Film Out

International icons BTS have made a splendid return to the Japanese music scene with a new single, ‘Film Out‘. The upcoming Japanese album, BTS, The Best  is set to be out on 16th June 2021 and ‘Film Out’ has heightened the anticipation. The album will be a collection of all their Japanese hits released since 2017 (a popular album format in Japan) and is highly anticipated seeing the recent activities of the group and the new changes to the Bighit Entertainment – now HYBE.

As expected from BTS, ‘Film Out’ started taking over the charts worldwide within hours of release on 1st April 2021. In India, the single topped the iTunes Songs Chart on #1 within two hours of release, maintaining the top position since then! The song has also peaked at #1 on iTunes in 95 countries (at the time of writing).

‘Film Out by BTS’ was also at #1 on Indian Twitter trends and the music video on #1 Indian Youtube! The Indian ARMYs are excited as the comeback goals were achieved earlier than expected; it also strengthens BTS’ influence in India!

BTS also keeps creating new records as they grabbed their first-ever nomination in the 2021 Brit Awards in the Best International Group category. Moreover, V has become the first-ever artist to grab 118 #1 spots on the iTunes Worldwide Charts! We couldn’t be more proud to see BTS grow!


Film Out


‘Film Out’ is a divine composition, being co-produced by the legends of J-Pop, Back Number‘s Iyori Shimizu, and co-written by Jungkook. Needless to say, this collaboration has helped the song to widen the Ballad genre with the Rock touches. It has the J-Pop Ballad elements engraved to its core – euphonically rich, soft vocal progression, lined with an acoustic guitar. The emotional and poetic lyrics reminisce about the memories that once remembered, they never leave the heart. The memories leave strong imprints on our minds leading to an imagination so vivid that it seems real.

The music video has a heavy resemblance to the other BTS universe films and seems like a continuation of the ‘Fake Love‘ storyline on a sepia palette, helmed by Choi Yong-Seok of Lumpens. Highlighting the message of the lyrics, we see the hints of traveling through time, trying to reach out to memories of the past, only to figure out they have been long lost and there is no escape to the sad reality.

The song is featured as the ending theme for the Japanese movie, Signal: The Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit starring Kentaro Sakaguchi and Kazuki Kitamura which was released on 2nd April 2021. The first teaser for the song was through the trailer release of the movie where the song is heard being played as the BGM.


Earlier, BTS’Don’t Leave Me was also featured as the theme forSignal, the Japanese remake of the popular Korean show of the same name.Your Eyes Tell was also the theme for the Japanese movie with the same name.


Keeping aside the groundbreaking success of BTS, their music has seen interesting variations since their debut – one of the reasons why they have become delectable to an audience beyond niche. It’s fulfilling to see their time of milk and honey after years of struggle. We aspire to see them bloom even more in the years to come so that every single soul knows the legacy BTS is creating.

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