j-hope Jack in the Box

ARMYs were excited when it was announced that j-hope would be the first BTS member to make his solo debut during their Chapter 2 phase. And the all-rounder has been going all out for it from gracing the cover of W Korea to being personally invited by Lollapalooza to headline the music festival as the first Korean act. Expectations reached the roof when j-hope released the old-school rock and hip hop pre-release track ‘More’ and he did not disappoint as he finally dropped his solo debut album ‘Jack in the Box’.

Following the success of ‘More’ which even entered the Billboard Hot 100 despite almost no promotions, ‘Jack in the Box’ and its lead single ‘Arson’ was an instant hit. The BTS rapper and dancer made his solo debut on July 15. The 10-track album and j-hope himself started trending worldwide on Twitter and MelOn. And ARMYs showed their support by helping the album and its title track chart as ‘Arson’ debuted at #5 on Bugs and entered MelOn and Genie. “Jack in the Box’ topped iTunes Album Chart in 50 countries while ‘Arson’ was #1 on iTunes Top Song Chart in 60+ countries like India, USA and Australia (at the time of writing).


j-hope – ‘Arson’ [Jack in the Box]

Like his 2018 mixtape ‘Hope World’, j-hope shows off his individual style without the fear of fitting into the clear-cut image of a K-Pop idol. He experiments with grunge and punk rock, a taste that we had gotten with ‘More’. We get a darker version of our sunshine and mood-maker as j-hope raps about loneliness in ‘Safety Zone’ and questions his idol image as the designated happy pill of the group in ‘What If…’. ‘Equal Sign’ became an immediate fan-favourite as j-hope sings about love in the catchy retro track. Sticking to the experimental format, ‘Jack in the Box’ ends with the title track ‘Arson’. An energetic hip-hop track, it is of an epic scale full of heavy bass, choppy rhythm and siren sounds, as j-hope raps about reaching his ambitions with his fans and loved ones.


Were you excited for the solo debut album, ‘Jack in the Box’ of j-hope? Did you like the music video for ‘Arson’? Which track is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.
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