BTS India Interview

On June 5, 2021,  E NOW finally premiered their much anticipated Exclusive interview with none other than BTS, hosted by Miss India finalist Sakshma Srivastav. During the 18 minute broadcast, BTS wholeheartedly answered any questions that were thrown at them and spoke about things such as their latest track Butter, work process, goals, and of course their love for Indian ARMY.

Quoting the leader RM, he said (in regards to Indian ARMY), “We hope that we could be there in front of you as fast as possible and let us stay strong during these challenging times. Prayers go to everyone currently fighting against COVID-19 and we hope to see you soon safe and sound.” which J-Hope sincerely followed up by “ARMY, do not lose hope!”. The BTS boys all assured us that they were with us no matter what by cheering out the words, We’re together for India- stay strong!

Finally, to end things off, the members all together said, Indian BTS ARMY aap hamare dil me rehte hai which literally translates to “Indian BTS ARMY you live in our heart”, and it sure made every single viewer’s heart feel warm inside.



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