If you ask me why I am being a hardcore army .. .why I like BTS? Here I will tell you my story how did this happen.

Like most of the kpop fans, I also get into kpop with the help of kdrama, at first I just listened to all kpop song was not a part of any fandom.

At first, I was curious my all are crazy about this world-famous boyband BTS…So I just searched for BTS video on youtube. .. I just saw some fan-made videos. The is a boy who is so cute it’s none other then our golden maknae.

I love their bond and friendship.
Then the following incident made me turn from a normal fan to an army, a moment came, that was a hard time in my life. I was personally going through a tough time. To relax, to cry freely I always hear songs. That’s how I happened to hear a beautiful song called fake love from BTS. The lyrics are heart touching to me, I was like yes damn the lines are so true…that is the moment I realized that it is more special. Actually, when you are happy you will listen to the music but when you are sad you understand the lyrics yes, the lyrics touched my heart!

“I’m wishing loving was perfect, I’m praying
Don’t realize deep inside that I’m broken
I trusted in a dream, a hopeless cause
Now I watch the flowers as they wither”
To be frank, I was deeply affected by some of my personal issues, I was thinking of why I was living this useless life. I don’t have the guts to face the upcoming days of my life.

There were so many questions in my mind. Will I able to do something in my life, which will make my life better in Anyway?  Is this what I was going to spend the rest of my life – uselessly? Literally I lost all my hopes on my dreams and life.

At that time the only thing I do is laying in the bed put headset play some random songs in youtube. As
I was already inspired by fake love song I was searching for some other BTS songs then i came across a song called “No more dream”.
As the title reflects the mindset that I had I was interested to play that song the lyric again caught my attention
“What is it that you dreamed of?
Who do you see in the mirror? I gotta say
Go on your path
Even if you live for a day
Do something
Put away your weakness.”
Here I turned an ARMY!

Then whenever I feel bad, empty-minded I started to look up BTS more and more. I saw a beautiful saying by BTS
“You will regret someday, If you don’t do your best now”

It hit me hard in my heart and brain! For some, it’s just a sentence but for me, it’s motivation!

I think of that whenever I think about what to do in my life. That’s how I started getting ready myself to do best for my dream, then I started searching what I want and finally, I found that I want to pursue a management study. Successfully now I’m doing my MBA first year. It’s all thanks to BTS.

Because not only me but every human in this world needs someone when they are sad, depressed, feel down,

For me, at that time BTS is the one who gave me strength, motivation with their songs and with their words. If that day i had not heard BTS I don’t know whether I would be a student of MBA now. I may sound weird for some people who read this but only certain people who were in this kind of situation can understand the feelings.

I am always Thankful to BTS and I am proud of being a part of their fandom.