burn the stage video inox

I’m not a big movie go-er but more of a “lay-back-on-the-couch-watching-k-drama-at-home” guy but I’m pretty sure that it’s not often you see movie theaters being house full almost instantaneously. I don’t remember the last time where a movie’s demand forced theaters to run the shows from 4 cities to 40+ cities either. There are no Khans in the movie, it was no Diwali/Eid/Christmas release but still “Burn The Stage: The Movie” managed to do the unthinkable and sold out over 34,000+ tickets in India!

Speaking of things that I’m unaware of, I don’t remember the last time  a theater made a video montage to thank a fandom for the support and love they received but hey! desi ARMY’s did that!

“INOX Leisure Ltd” captured pretty much all the magical moments that happened in the vicinity including the various fan projects, singing, dancing and the excitement of the fans and is a delight to watch! If you haven’t watched it yet; here’s the video for you!

Thank you so much INOX for your support and increasing both the shows & cities were “Burn The Stage” were being broadcasted. We’re sure that it was no easy feat to handle all this in such a short time and yet you guys handled it like a champ!

PS: Hopefully we’ll get a sequel of “Burn The Stage” and we all can re-live the moments!