In a surprising collaboration of four labelmates under KQ Entertainment whose show of respect and acknowledgment of each other’s talents has had the fans gushing online, ATEEZ, Eden, Maddox & Eden-ary have released a year-end collective single titled ‘Call Me Anytime’ on 30th December 2020.

This R&B/Soul track by the KQ Family was enjoyed thoroughly by the ATINYs and the larger fandom of KQ Ent. all around the globe. This is also a break-through track for ATEEZ and other KQ Labelmates as this is the first time a track from ATEEZ and the KQ Family as a whole has managed to grab the #1 spot on Top 100 K-Pop Songs on iTunes India!

It had slowly but steadily climbed up the Top 100 Songs chart of iTunes India, going from #29 to #13, until it finally peaked at #10 on the list!


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Call Me Anytime

Busting out the mellifluent melodies and falsettos that the KQ family members are especially known for, octet boy group ATEEZ  paired up with their long-time producers, Eden-ary and Eden, and solo singer Maddox who rose to fame through AOMG’s reality show ‘Signhere’, on a slow tempo, 90s R&B inspired track titled ‘Call Me Anytime’ from the album, ‘EDEN_STARDUST2 vol.07’. The track incorporates the winter theme into its whimsical lyrics that talk of wanting to be with a person who is already a distant memory.



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