Korean Cast Of Money Heist

If you were online for even a day in early 2020, you must have heard about Money Heist. It was during season 4, that the show reached its peak worldwide and in India, becoming the most-watched non-English show on Netflix. Even those who primarily watched English or regional dramas were watching it because it was “trendy.” From the Professor tempting fate to Nairobi’s tragic storyline, you’d see random inspirational quotes with gritty screencaps on everyone’s Instagram and Twitter. Koreans are notorious fans of crime-thrillers and the Spanish show was no exception. Well, no wonder there’s going to be a Korean version of Money Heist. While we don’t know much about the production or if it will even stick to the original storyline, we do know the cast as it was revealed by Netflix on March 30th.

The Cast Of Korean Money Heist

Also known as La Casa De Papel, there would be no show without the Professor, who is the mastermind behind the heists. For such an important role, the actor cast was none other than Yoo Ji-tae who is known for his roles in K-dramas like When My Love Blooms and for playing the big baddie in the classic-cult film, Oldboy. Raquel, his love interest and season 1’s antagonist is being played by none other than Kim Yoon-jin of Lost fame. For Tokyo, one of the major protagonists of the show, we have newbie, Jeon Jong-seo who you must have seen with The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun in Burning. The fan-favourite anti-hero, Berlin will be played by Legend of the Blue Sea and Prison Playbook’s Park Hae-soo

As for the rest of the crew, the father-son duo, Moscow and Denver will be played by The Age of Blood’s Lee Won-jong and Bad Thief Good Thief’s Kim Ji-hoon respectively. Love Playlist’s Park Jung-woo has been cast as the naive Rio while Veteran’s Jang Yoon-ju will be Nairobi. The silent yet loveable brothers, Helsinki and Oslo will be played by another Kim Ji-hoon (Our Baseball) and Lee Gyu-ho of Dr. Romantic 2. Suarez, the police officer in charge of the rescue operations is being played by Kim Sung-oh of A Korean Odyssey and Fight For My Way. Arturo, the annoying hostage that no one roots for is played by Parasite’s hostage, Park Myung-hoon. Finally, The Tale of Nokdu’s Lee Joo-bin has been cast as another hostage that many believe is Monica, the one Denver falls in love with. We do wonder if there will be a Korean version of Alison since she had a pivotal role in the first 2 seasons of Money Heist.

Oh wow, this is such a diverse cast. We must have seen them all in at least one drama or another. Have you seen the original Money Heist? Did you like it? Will you be tuning in for the k-drama version of it? Let us know in the comments below.