Desi Way To Surf The Hallyu Wave

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It’s actually about my life that how K-Pop songs and spacially BTS songs saving my life till now. I have some parents’ issues and bcoz of that I’m in my depression zone last 6 yrs and I doubt that, I have bipolar disorder but because of K-pop and BTS songs in those 2 yrs I’m …


Finding Myself Through K-POP

Hello Everyone I’m RIYA from Delhi. And today I’m here to share my story with you all. I’m suffering from a rare disease known as FOP that stands for Fibrodysplacia Ossificans Progressiva. While living with this condition I have so many physical issues even my many muscles are stiffened. I can’t sit and walk properly. …



Hi, If you ask me why I am being a hardcore army .. .why I like BTS? Here I will tell you my story how did this happen. Like most of the kpop fans, I also get into kpop with the help of kdrama, at first I just listened to all kpop song was not …