For the first show of their 2020 District 9: Unlock World Tour in the city of New York, Stray Kids sat down for a chat with Billboard to discuss their goals, their growth since their debut, their artistic vision for creating an “all-English” song series and more.

It was in this very interview that the all-rounder artist and the group’s leader, Bang Chan answered a question that came as a pleasant revelation for many of the desi Stays!

Curious to know what it was?

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The Billboard interviewer had asked the members about which lyrics they have been thinking about a lot lately and Bang Chan had translated for I.N. that he thought about the lyrics, “I hope these lyrics touch your ears” from their song, My Side a lot.

This led up to the question of the “Big Revelation” as the interviewer asked the members next, “Based on that lyric…How do you feel about the fact that maybe the lyrics aren’t reaching your listeners’ ears, since many don’t understand Korean or, with the new songs, English without a translation.


So, are you ready for Bang Chan’s answer?



Bang Chan charmingly answered, “For me, it’s pretty funny. And they [the members] may not know this as well. But sometimes I listen to Indian Music, sometimes I listen to Spanish music as well, usually from Spain. Honestly, I have no idea what they’re saying. But I dunno, just the vibe of the song and how the person actually sings it, I get a lot of different feelings as well. That kind of makes me want to find out what the lyrics actually mean, and what the singer really wants to say through the song. I do understand that there may be Stays that may just listen to our songs but not understand the lyrics, and I completely understand how that feels as well. So just want to put that out there. [Laughs]

Source: Billboard



Here’s what an Indian Stay had to say:

“Through their interactions with Indian stays before and them providing us Hindi subtitles for their MVs, we can see that they have shown interest in India. Even if they can’t come here for a concert, I hope they visit India to experience its culture and tradition. I have been loving SKZ since the pre-debut era and I’m glad I could make a lot of friends through them. They have a lot of fans here who love and support them!” – Raghnya



Still, judging whether you read that right or not? 

Let me tell you that Yes, you read it Absolutely Right!


Bang Chan, the multi-talented leader of Stray Kids has just disclosed the fact that he listens to and even enjoys our desi “Indian Music”!


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