Chanyeol The Box

EXO’s Chanyeol might have enlisted in the military this week but before his departure, he has left his fans with one last gift, i.e., his first-ever lead role in a Korean movie titled “The Box”! With a two-tip main cast featuring Park Chanyeol alongside eminent actor Cho Dal Hwan, “The Box” which was released this spring (24 March 2021 in South Korea) had a highly anticipating audience awaiting it since the dropping of its compelling teaser.

However, what made this emotional, inspiring movie even more distinguished and memorable for the viewers, were the beautiful OSTs that accompanied the release and heightened the sentimental impact of every scene in the movie. Compiled under an album titled “THE BOX (Original Soundtrack)”, there are 18 tracks in total – some sung by title track singer/rapper Chanyeol which are covers of blockbuster tracks by global artists like Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Chet Baker, Billy Eilish, and Mariah Carey.

The reverberations of these OSTs could be felt around the world as right upon release of the OST album, it started climbing to the top of various iTunes Charts worldwide, including iTunes India where the album managed to grab the #1 spot while the title track, “Break The Box” peaked at #2. What is even more remarkable to note is that even after a week of the album’s release, it is still maintaining a good hold on iTunes India Album Chart!


“THE BOX (Original Soundtrack)” Album on #1 of iTunes India


“Break The Box” peaking at #2 on iTunes India Song Chart

Indian EXO-Ls also trended hashtags – “#GiveMyHeartToCHANYEOL”, “#TheBoxAlbumRelease”, and “#찬열_BreakYourBox” on Twitter, to show their support for Chanyeol and his movie, “The Box”.


Chanyeol’s “Break The Box”

This title track by Chanyeol featuring invigorating electric guitar sonics and inspiriting lyrics, adds to the audio-visual experience of watching “The Box” and showcases the other side of ‘Actor Chanyeol’ from the movie – his singer/rapper side that EXO-Ls love and admire.

Check out the OST below to get a taste of the movie and the music:

With this major love showered on EXO’s Park Chanyeol’s last release before enlisting, Indian EXO-Ls also showed their resolve to wait for his safe return as “#CHANYEOL”, “#OurPrideCHANYEOL” and “#AlwaysYoursCHANYEOL” trended on Twitter India.


Have you watched the movie yet? Did you love the stunning OSTs as well? Let us know in the comments.