Chenle of NCT spoke about his favorite Bollywood Movie and the desizens are whipped since then.

India is surfing the Hallyu Wave, but did you know many K-pop stars are whipped for Bollywood Movies. Previously we have heard from BTS Jimin that he likes the Bollywood Movie 3 Idiots. The movie has already grabbed attention and made its way to the favorite list of many K-Pop idols. Chenle

Image Credits To @nctyzenbaseChenle in his recent radio show on 18th March talked about his favorite OST from his favorite Bollywood movies. He mentioned, he likes “All izz Well” and “Zoobi Doobi” from the movie 3 Idiots. During Movie Recommendation he recommended 3 Idiots to his listeners.


Aside from mentioning about 3 Idiots Chenle also mentioned the biographical inspirational hit Dangal which was released in 2016. He further commented that these movies are not only inspirational but also encourage people in many ways.


Zhong Chenle(辰乐) who is popularly known as Chenle is a member of the popular South Korean boy group NCT and its sub-unit NCT Dream. Chenle is the main DJ of the radio show Yuedong Seoul, which is live broadcast on the official TBS eFM 101.3MHz YouTube channel. 


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