Kim CHUNG HA, or should we say, QUEEN CHUNG HA, dropped her long due debut album titled “Querencia” on the 15th of February. In mere hours, the album was trending #3 on iTunes India’s Album Charts and continues to reign there even after an entire day.

iTunes India Album Chart


The artist, an ex Produce 101 contestant and a member of the disbanded girl group I.O.I has been busy building a throne in the industry for a while now since she went solo with MNH Entertainment. Known for her iconic bops like “Why Don’t You Know”, the singer has also lent her angelic voice to OSTs of popular Hallyu dramas like Hotel Del Luna, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, etc. The Billboard Korea Hot 100 singer previously has 4 extended plays (EPs) and 13 singles credited to her name. Querencia is her first full-length Studio Album.


The debut album, christened “Querencia”,  explained by her as Spanish for ” A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self” has been one of the most anticipated albums of the year.

About The Querencia Tracklist

The album was originally scheduled to be released on January 4, with teasers and snippets dropping in a steady flow since November 2020, but Chungha was unfortunately diagnosed as a COVID 19 carrier in December, which led to the final release on the 15th of February, 2021.

The pre-release singles,  ‘Stay Tonight’, ‘Play’ with CHANGMO, ‘Dream Of You’ with R3HAD and ‘X’, built up the worthy thirst for the entire album which was quenched when the charismatic and sensuous music video befitting the title track, “Bicycle” graced YouTube along with the album.

Flaunting a whopping total of 21 tracks, the album discovers the spectrum of a person that is Kim Chungha. Spread across an array of four loud and different concepts uncommon to the current music scene, the tracklist also features four interludes, an outro and collabs.

Album Concepts + Latin Pop Influences

Defined by the 4 sides of the tracklist titled “Noble”, “Savage”, “Unknown” and “Pleasures”, she pours all of herself, raw and unfiltered in the album for the world to devour. The songs mark all her ups and downs and track her journey to the industrial power that she is today. Much to the delight of her fans, she named a track “Byulharang (160504 + 170607)” after the fandom, and the dates mark both her debuts as a girl group member and a solo artist respectively, showing gratitude for those who have been with her throughout the journey.

In line with the title, the album carries heavy Latin pop influences, laced with Spanish lyrics and holds the trophy for being the first Latin Pop x K-Pop amalgamation by a female soloist. CHUNG HA continues to cement her status as a K-Pop legend.


India Can’t Get Enough Of Querencia!

All in all, Querencia is energetic, fiercely bold and packs an impressive number of head-bopping bangers which scream that they are here to stay. It is thus no wonder that Indian is devouring the album, track by track, concept by concept. CHUNG HA reigns at #4 currently, over a day after the release, competing against globally popular albums, on iTunes India.

Congratulations to Indian Byulharangs for achieving this noteworthy feat for a masterpiece of an album which deserves it all!

We sure are playing Querencia on loop this week. Have you checked it out yet? Let us know your favourite track from the collection in the comments!