The Badass Queen of K-Pop, CL is back with yet another banger and it’s spicy hot! Titled ‘SPICY’, the track is a pre-release from her upcoming October album, ‘Alpha’, and is co-written by eccentric rapper, Sokodomo, Bonique, and CL jointly.

“She got the sauce, and it’s spicy.”

‘SPICY’ is truly the embodied mix of energy, power, and chemistry as voiced by John Malkovich, a famous American actor-director whose golden statue appears at the very beginning of the music video. Claiming the title of “The Most Fly Asians” as her own (quite well-deserved!) and of her fellow Koreans, the track features CL rocking one chic outfit after another and asserting her individuality with flaming red hair. Rapper Omega Sapiens and Lil Cherry, along with co-writer Sokodomo, also make an appearance in the music video.

“You’re looking at the most fly Asians”

Taking pride in the Asian/Korean piquant flavors, metaphorically used for her Korean roots, CL uses the trap-hiphop instrumentation to also pay homage to her heritage. The instrumentals also seem to be like a building-up of a rising wave before it crashes with destructive power onto the ground below. This makes the pre-release, ‘SPICY’ feel like a small trailer of the intense explosion of artistry and self-expression that ‘Alpha’ is sure to be!

However, before the release of ‘Alpha’, another pre-release from the album will follow after ‘SPICY’. It will be released in the month of September and awaiting fans cannot be any more excited for it!

Have you heard ‘SPICY’ by CL yet? Are you excited for the next single and the upcoming ‘ALPHA’ album? Let us know in the comments.
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