CLC Seungyeon Says I Love India

Seungyeon, the leader of the K-Pop group, CLC set her Indian fans buzzing with her latest comment. On July 9th, in the afternoon, the singer went on her Instagram and asked fans to send her questions. Several fans jumped on the opportunity and sent her all kinds of questions asking for TMIs and what she was up to. Seungyeon then went on to post her answers on her Instagram Story. And one of her Stories were for Indian Cheshires.

On her Instagram question, an Indian fan wrote in Korean that she found Seungyeon cool. She added that Seungyeon also had a lot of fans from India and that they loved her. In response to the comment, Seungyeon posted a mirror selfie of herself in a practice room. She also added some text in English saying “i love India” with a bunch of heart emojis.

Source: @seung_monkey on Instagram

Indian Cheshires are excited that Seungyeon noticed them and acknowledged her Indian fans. With the increase of K-pop and CLC fans in India, we hope that Cube Entertainment notices us. Who knows, CLC could also add India as a destination on their next world tour!

Did you send any questions to Seungyeon? Are you excited to see if CLC visits India? Let us know in the comments below.