Indie artist from South Korea, Colde is back after more than a year with his 3rd EP, idealism”. Apart from the two title tracks, ‘The Museum’ and ‘A Song Nobody Knows,’ the album has 5 songs. With just a couple of OSTs in 2020, fans have been eagerly waiting for ‘idealism’. It was released on 25th January 2021, after Colde released its aesthetic artwork and tracklist on January 11th. A fantastical album with a mix of indie-pop as well as ballads, ‘idealism’ literally takes us on a journey that transcends reality, into a dream world.


“For [my] dreams and for those who are living their dreams, I hope the songs on this album will be my [and their] strength.” – Colde, on the album 




The EP starts with Lighter which was also chosen as the pre-release single for ‘idealism’. The music video acted as a teaser as to what we could expect from Colde’s much-awaited EP. It’s an alternative rock song reminiscent of the early 2000s punk bands like ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and ‘The 1975’ as the electric guitar solo sets the overall mood of the song. The music video takes you on a ride as it alternates between infrared scenes and Colde simply enjoying himself out in the snow-clad mountains. He sings about carpe-dieming against the visual of a burning man, hitting on the point that superficial things like “Money, honour, envy / Filled with nothing but jealousy,” don’t matter. The only thing that matters is being yourself and living fearlessly.




The punk rock track is followed by Wolf,’ a light and peppy song. Emulating a wolf’s howl in the chorus, Colde sings about following his dream and wishing for someone who understands him. Tap your feet to the rhythm as he sings, “I will have to lose something in order to obtain what I want.” There is a certain rawness in his voice which goes well with the animalistic nature that he tried to bring to ‘Wolf.’ This breezy yet somber track is then followed by the first title track of the EP, ‘The Museum.’ 



The Museum

The first title track, The Museum charted #4 on the South Korean music chart, Melon, and for good reason as well. The music video literally follows people in a museum at a languid pace. The subtle jazz instruments in the background complement Colde’s soothing voice well as he floats through the museum. This slow-paced track is a romantic song which talks about love at first sight. In the end, even though the girl has left, and Colde emotionally says, “My memories are becoming hazy,” he promises to wait in front of the same painting that the two were looking at.




We then dive into ‘Dream’ which is an upbeat song that talks about running away together. The “hey” in the chorus along with the strumming of the guitar makes it the perfect road trip song! “Let’s leave here / To the place you wanna go to,” sums up ‘Dream’ perfectly. We get a sense that while Colde can definitely pull off a fast-paced track full of layered bass and drums, he tends to prefer the intensity of ballads. Speaking of which, the second half of ‘Dream’ slows down as it ends on a soft note so as to give us a glimpse of what to expect next. 




Next we have an interlude with the easy listening track, ‘Tunnel.’ The only track not composed by Colde himself, this track is perfect to relax to. The instrumentals take a front seat along with the melodic tune of a piano as Colde hums through the song, with the only lyric, “I’m not there, oh”, setting a certain musical aesthetic feel to the track.



A Song Nobody Knows 

We are brought back into the heart of the album with the second title track, ‘A Song Nobody Knows.’ Colde takes it easy on the arrangement as we clearly hear his husky voice serenading us. This soothing track complements the message that he has for us of singing a poignant tale that will help us get through tough times. “All I see are drooping heads / And crowded shadows / Only myself became the uninvited guest / So I sang a song,” showcases Colde’s optimistic viewpoint in this dreamy, wispy album. 



Blue Candle

The R&B artist wraps up his newest EP with ‘Blue Candle.’ The total opposite of ‘Lighter’ that opened ‘idealism’, ‘Blue Candle’ is a romantic and hopeful ballad. Colde shows off his vocal range as his falsettos take over the chorus. The track ends on a soft, positive note as he sings about wanting to share his idealistic dream with his “blue candle” singing, “I don’t have anything warmer than you / There’s nothing that shines on me like you.”


With one track naturally flowing into the next, “idealism” doesn’t seem to have a single track that is out of place. With a deeper listening, each track will strike you speechless and spellbound as you realize that they’re about Colde’s own reflective views on idealism. As he puts it, the album is “a journey that crosses between ideals, dreams, and reality.”


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