Colde Baekhyun Nam Yoon Su

R&B Singer-Songwriter Colde, known for his soft lo-fi tracks, is back with yet another release titled ‘When Dawn Comes Again’. It is a much-anticipated song as it features not only the harmonic mellifluence of Colde and EXO’s Baekhyun, but also stars the handsome actor Nam Yoon Su. It has all the EXO-Ls on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear their beloved idol who is currently enlisted in the military. 

Singing tunefully of sleepless nights spent missing a lover, the two artists, Colde and Baekhyun, paint a poignant picture which the saturnine music video further enhances the somber charm of. It carries on the emotional, pleasing to the ears legacy of the duo’s previous works together – ‘Love Again’ and ‘Love Scene’ where Colde wrote and composed the songs for Baekhyun.

‘When Dawn Comes Again’ is also written, arranged, and composed by Colde himself. Thus, it is a beautiful rendition of lovesick troubled emotions which couldn’t have resonated so much with the listeners without the synergy of the three skilled personages involved!


Have you listened to ‘When Dawn Comes Again’ already? What did you think of the combination of Colde, Baekhyun, and Nam Yoon Su? Spill your thoughts in the comments.