It’s that time of the year where we are going to turn our fan mode on. With so many surprises 2018 had, there were some golden hopes for collaboration between Indian artists & Korean artists, which got us to thinking of some more!! Let’s get right into it!


Ranveer Singh x Jackson Wang of GOT7



Do we need to even explain this? I think these two need to just meet and simply take on the world with their energy and insane amount of talent! There are so many similarities between them like their immense love for their fans, positive nature most importantly the hustle to always create something better and bigger!





The iconic selfie that took each and every desi fan be it an EXO L or not loose their sleep! Imagine Karan directing Kai in one of his romantic movies *in my best Chandler voice* could it be anymore dreamy? Kai has already impressed us with his acting skills in Korean dramas, what do you think of a extravagant Bollywood entry?





Just imagining the power of lyrics and the fire spitting rap these two will create has my mind blasted! Divine and Suga both have had a very interesting start to their careers, both are not afraid to speak their mind and their love for music is not hidden as well.





Even while typing this i have chills imagining the genius music combined with what undoubtedly is an angelic voice! We can’t keep calm you guys, if this collaboration happens it will single-handedly save the entire music industry!


EXO & Armaan Malik



Now this one’s sure a talker! It all started with a fan’s question…




And if this wasn’t enough, Armaan on his IG live has given some serious hints that is making us all crazzzzzy.

Upon replying to a fan’s question about EXO and his collab in future he very cheekly replied with shshsh and said that, there are definitely some talking happening; He also hopes to unite Korea and India with music!




PS: Can we petition for this and make sure it happens?


Let us know your dream collaborations!