Baekhyun Bambi | Album Review

“You’re my Bambi Bam Bambi Bambi”

Baekhyun is the third member from EXO, after Lay and Chen, to make a solo debut. Known for his high notes and soulful vocals, Baekhyun has proven two times over that he fits into any genre easily. While he has sung hip-hop and pop tracks with his group EXO,  he resorts to subdued genres like R&B and Ballads when it comes to his solos. Baekhyun’s third solo album was released after a series of intriguing teasers and sultry music samplers. In his press interview for the album, Baekhyun mentioned that this album will be focusing mainly on his vocals, with a ratio of 7:3 for vocals and music. The promise is aptly delivered with songs like Privacy and All I Got that showcase and focus on his vocal range.

Baekhyun’s Bambi features a heady mix of six immersive tracks and was released on March 30, 2021. The album, lasting over 22 minutes is an indulgence for the lovers of chill R&B tracks. Each of the six songs from Bambi is a testament to Baekhyun comfortably descending into the R&B zone and yet challenging himself to try something new in the genre. He has also become the only soloist in South Korea to achieve an album pre-order number of more than 830,000 sales. The mini-album features artists like Colde, Deez and Kenzie, who are known for penning beautiful R&B tracks. Adding his thoughts on the album, Baekhyun says, “Bambi” is sort of that stage of maturing, and that’s what you’ll be able to see. A more matured Baekhyun that holds a different line of emotions compared to ‘Candy.’

It has been just two days since Baekhyun’s third solo mini-album was released, and yet it feels like forever, doesn’t it? It is time to once again immerse yourself into the musical artistry of the album. Here’s an album review for Baekhyun’s third solo mini-album, Bambi.

Love Scene

‘Bambi’ is all about love, and the album is that decadent dessert that you just can’t stop eating. Let’s take a deeper look into each track the album has to offer beginning with the first track, ‘Love Scene’. This track gives us a good glimpse into the musical side of the album and sets the scene for upcoming tracks. ‘Love Scene’ features a soft electric guitar, and semi-electric music, coupled with Baekhyun’s dreamy vocals. It gives off a laid-back, romantic vibe. ‘Love Scene’ is one of those songs that will make you dance a slow dance. Singer COLDE participated in making this track. With lyrics like “You’re coming all the way from there/It looks like a movie scene/ In the moment that has stopped, I walk in”, the song describes the first meet like a scene from a rom-com movie that gives you butterflies.


The next is ‘Bambi’, which is also the title track that borrows its name from the album title. Baekhyun shows his sultry side with this track. The music video is an equally mesmerizing treat. Baekhyun makes his comeback dressed in a slick suit and a fedora hat. The scenery beautifully reflects the emotion and the sultriness of the song. As he has aptly mentioned in one of his interviews, the music video has less focus on his face, instead, it aims to bring out the auditory pleasure of the song. RnB artists DEEZ and SAAY have participated in composing and songwriting for this song.

Baekhyun also plays with the lyrics smartly in this track. The catchphrase, ‘Bambi’ means two things, first being a play on Korean words, Bam 밤 (meaning night) and Bi 비 (meaning rain) and the other meaning is that of a Bambi, a lovely doe-eyed person. (If you picturized a small baby deer of the same name, then you are close to the meaning). The song is like a fairytale with mature love expressions depicted. through lyrics like “I selfishly want only myself to be living in this fairytale called you/I sometimes wonder if you know how I feel.”

All I Got

The next track is ‘All I Got’ which begins with a high vocal note by Baekhyun. The jazzy tunes in this song, accompanied by Baekhyun’s display of his mastered high notes portray the sentiments of the lyrics beautifully. If you’re looking for a love ballad, that makes you groove instantly, then look no further. The song indeed brings out the best of his vocals. With the alternate beats and bass music, along with confession-styled lyrics, ‘All I Got’ takes the cake with its pervading old-school feels.

The song also shows a hint of possessive feeling and the power of love that captivates a person. The Candy hitmaker aptly expresses this feeling by saying “You are the owner of this love/All I need is you and your love”.

Amusement Park

The fourth track in the album is ‘Amusement Park’. It was previously released in December 2020. Baekhyun looked pleasant in the music video which featured, no points for guessing… an amusement park! The music video was shot at Lotte World in South Korea. It is the longest of all six tracks in ‘Bambi’. Imagine a breezy summer evening, a couple of cold drinks and some snacks in hand, leading up to a fun trip to the amusement park after ages. Feels amazing, right? This song is the embodiment of that feeling.

The joyful feeling of going to an amusement park and indulging in the rides, and the matching feeling of love is captured with lyrics like “Full of dreams and love/Let’s go to a mysterious world/Colorful fireworks/A wonderful parade for the two/I am your amusement park”. Baekhyun seamlessly incorporates the idea of an amusement park and fuses with it the idea of love. The imagery that the song creates is a pleasant, lovely, and cozy feeling that gives the sweet promise of love.


The mini-album is a package that showcases Baekhyun’s vocals and presents a broad spectrum of love. The album progresses from sweet love, and sultry music to more upbeat songs. The fifth track on the album, Privacy, is a bold and seductive track with a jump from soulful to seductive music. ‘Privacy’ is one of those numbers that speak ‘you know it, you want it.’ The possessive tone of the song is expressed with words like “You’re not the ‘you’ that everyone knows/You’re only my baby, my privacy”.

The harmonious piano tunes clubbed with tap beats and synth-based music creates an echo-like atmosphere. ‘Privacy’ is a track that speaks about the secretive meets, and the thrill that those meets bring. The more mysterious you are, the more thrill there is!

Cry For Love

The last song on Baekhyun’s ‘Bambi’ is ‘Cry for Love’. The title gives away the song’s story easily. After a walk in the park, and a thrilling roller coaster ride, the I-persona is back home, reminiscing about the memories and lamenting on the lost love. ‘Cry for Love’ is a huge departure from the sweet and cuddly feelings that previous tracks like ‘Bambi’ and ‘Amusement Park’ give. It is a literal cry of love of a broken heart that is gullible and falls in love easily. These feelings are expressed in the lyrics that say “You made me feel so high, babe/Then crashed me to the ground, babe/I’m not good at love/I fall in love so easily, babe”. The song also suits as the closing track because the album encapsulates the stages of a relationship and ‘Cry for Love’ shows us how it ended. It is like waking up from a sweet dream and eventually facing reality.


Baekhyun’s ‘Bambi’ gives the listeners a track for every mood, every feeling of love, and of heartbreak. The ‘Genius Idol’ has carved a niche for himself; an identity outside of EXO. With the previous two solo albums – ‘City Lights’ and ‘Delight’, Baekhyun has proven with ‘Bambi’ that R&B is his genre and he is here to stay.


What are your thoughts on the album? Which is your favorite track from Baekhyun’s Bambi?


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Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!