“Nothing burns like the cold”

– George R.R Martin

Winters can be unforgivingly brutal for India’s sizeable population of unsheltered people. With the advent of the virus, not only does the number of vulnerable people multiply, but it also leaves them hungry, cold and unprotected to an extent where most don’t make it through the cold nights, preferring the warmth of death.

When the Indian My Days at @day6indiaofficial were on a hunt to plan something special for the group’s multitalented vocalist, rapper, songwriter and bassist YoungK’s 27th birthday, a unique opportunity came knocking at their door. They consciously recognized this issue and thus joined hands with the NGO, “Welcome Welfare Foundation”, for a Winter Clothes Distribution drive to keep those in need warm, just like YoungK warms the fans’ hearts with his exuberant presence.


Explaining how the idea for such a donation struck, the page says, 

“We thought really hard on what to do for YoungK’s project. From thinking of doing fan covers to fanarts , we shifted our thought to the fact that it is winter and YoungK keeps reminding us to warm and healthy. He really emphasizes on the fact to be healthy so we decided to make sure people on the streets don’t get cold. ” 

They accepted even the most minimal donations under YoungK’s name to ensure that people without means and shelter stay warm through the unsparing winter.


Project Outcome

This chilly Christmas was indeed made quite a warm and merry one for 197 people stranded on the streets and railways by YoungK’s My Days. Through the drive, a whopping Rs.6476 was raised, along with contributions from the foundation, which was used to distribute 197 blankets on the 25th of December.

With one thoughtful initiative, My Days managed to provide warmth to a multitude of people, saving lives while simultaneously melting our hearts.

Find the pictures and further details about the project’s successful execution, shared by the foundation, in the post below.


The crusaders @day6indiaofficial  credit the pragmatic response to a gratifying union of Day6’s Indian fan pages and their active initiative.

“We were not confident and didn’t expect even 1k to collect because we are a small fandom and since it’s a band not many people are interested. However, we are extremely proud and grateful for the support from all around. We have received the motivation to execute more such donation projects. In this regard, we would really like to mention the other day6 India fan accounts @mydaykilogram.nl without whose immense support and cheer we @day6indiaofficial wouldn’t have been able to do it. Special thanks to KPOPHIGH INDIA who kept asking us about updates and cheered us until the donation ended”

Concluding their project request on a sweet note, @day6indiaofficial says,

“We wish we could collect more money but we are immensely grateful to the love showered. I hope YoungK receives blessings from the people :)). @day6kilogram makes us warmer and happier. It’s time we do something that also touches them. Its time they are proud that their fandom has a heart and soul”


Yet another distinctly plausible project by compassionate Hallyu India enthusiasts radiates light and warmth across, in the grim of frost. What did you think of this unique project? Let us know in the comments!