With the rise of HallyuWave sweeping India off the feet, there are many things that have changed. Amongst all the changes one is raising the bars of the ideal type, We see you nodding your head here ; ) We can’t blame them though.

The JCW Love India team planned to appreciate Ji Chang-Wook for all his hard work by undertaking a project. With fans from across the nation, this project depicts the love and warmth of the fans towards Ji Chang-Wook. The fans decided to promote his Drama  Lovestruck in the City by making a video compilation of fans who desire to have a man just like Ji Chang-Wook, I mean let’s be honest who doesn’t?

These fans are active in promoting the dramas and show their support for Ji Chang-Wook by conducting various projects. With his warm and kind heart and smile that can melt hearts, the artist has acquired a huge fanbase. Fans wanted to thank him and express their love to him, hence they conduct varied projects under his name. The fans want the artist to know how much he is loved and cherished in India. Diverse projects bounded by one motive that is  Love.

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