At this point in lockdown, we have lost track of a lot of things, time, mind, life itself, BUT we still have a myriad of Kdramas to rely on to stay sane and entertained.

A popular genre of K-dramas that I enjoy as an Indian viewer is the ‘Makjang‘ genre. This word is used to describe dramas that add ridiculously unrealistic plot twists to their storyline for more viewership. These are EXACTLY the kind of dramas you want to look for during lonely lockdown nights.

‘My unfamiliar family’ [(아는 건 별로 없지만) 가족입니다] to me is a cusp between a makjang and a hyper-realistic drama. The show introduces us to a cheerful, well-mannered woman in her thirties, Kim Eun-hee (Han Ye-ri) with writing talent, but a job in a small publishing company. She has 2 siblings, an older sister Eun-joo (Choo Ja Hyun) and a younger brother adored by the family, Ji Woo (Shin Jae Ha). Her parents, Kim Sang Shik (Jung Jin-Young) and Lee Jin Sook (Won Mi-Kyung) are old parents of three grown-up children leading monotonous, drained lives.
What’s intriguing about this show is that it brings out the Asian nature of family values that we don’t get to see in western counterparts. Here are some reasons Desis will enjoy this show:

#1 Understanding between parents and adult children

As Indians, we know that our parents will continue to part take in our decision making till the end of life, no matter the subject. ‘My unfamiliar family’ plays around this ‘feeling’ very well and shows us both perspectives descriptively – parent and child. It also shows us the

#2 Friendship

The bond between Eun Hee and her college friend Park Chan-Hyeok (Kim Ji-Suk) is a delight to watch as we see them giving each other dating advice, teach each other to be better versions of themselves and even help with familial issues. Also, this is the time you will desperately miss coffee at the nearest CCD with your best friends and long conversations that you can not make sense of the next day.

#3 Highly melodramatic

It is true we’re all secretly fans of the melodramatic storylines on Indian Telly, it’s just that we don’t have the patience to continue watching the same plot for ten years, so we shift to Korean Drama, where we get the same amount of dramatics, but in a more creatively subtle way. My unfamiliar family plays with our emotions and touches us at all the right places in a progressive manner until the last episode.

#4 Sibling relationship

If you’re a middle child this show is going to bring you much joy through its representation of the life of a middle child in an Asian household. The adjusting, the confusion, the need to be a diplomat.

#5 Maknae Ji Woo

Watch a character develop so well it brings tears to your eyes. I had to give a special mention to Shin Jae Ha for portraying this character to the T and being so precise with his growth in the show.

#6 A Family Peaceful Through Love

A show that reminds us of love in a family through the years, how it evolves, changes. How sometimes you have to become strangers to get to know each other again. The works of the family bond are vast and this show depicts it perfectly. An impactful visual message is in the scenes in the family home where we see a wall hanging with the words ‘a family peaceful through love’ but is it?