Annyeong all K-POP & Hallyu fans! How’s Christmas season treating y’all?! We are finally back with the “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide – 12” where we will talk about all the great releases of this past week! We tried writing individual articles for each comeback but meh, it just didn’t have the right feel – y’know?

So yeah, without any further a’do – here we go with the come backs from the 3rd week of December!

Eyedi was known for her R&B tracks until she rose to fame during the infamous “Mix Nine” where she was constantly criticized by YG – I d’unno why because I fell in love with her even before she joined “Mix Nine”. Ever since “Mix Nine”, Eyedi seems to be experimenting with various genre and this time she hit it out of the park with “Caffeine”.

The MV successfully captures all the strong points of Eyedi and the track itself is pretty unique and different from what Eyedi usually does. Unfortunately, the single is unavailable in India both digitally and physically 🙁

Eyedi, if you’re reading this – PLEASE RELEASE YOUR MUSIC IN INDIA!

Jay Park’s got a “Million things to do, million things to lose” and does pretty much whatever he wants while winning pretty much everything in his latest comeback MV “Million”! Our staff have been fan-girling on this dude for awhile now and you can see why!
I wonder if “I’ve got a million things to love, but I’d rather lose ’em instead of losing you” will actually work if I give it a try >.>

Nevermind, unlike the previous single – “Jay Park – Million” is currently available on;

We like you too WINNER! 😥

WINNER is back with “MILLIONS”, where they give you MILLIONS of reasons to fall in love with them. The tropical dance track is composed and arranged by member Yoon along with Kang Uk Jin and Diggy while written by members Yoon, Hoony & Mino ( who recently made his solo comeback with “Fiance”).

The single is available on the following desi platforms;

Sori says she’s ready in her latest comeback but guess what? WE WEREN’T!

Sori took the night by storm along with Jaehyun and we have still not recovered. This is my current go-to song before entering my office. DAMN! It puts me in the super happy mood irrespective of how I was feeling before it!

Please do support Sori, the single is available on;

The SNSD member is back with “Winter Breath”! The melodic single is written, composed, produced and arranged by Sooyoung herself! We are in still in awe of her talent and this is one of the songs that simply needs to be there in your playlist.

The single is available in the following platforms;

SEVETEEN is back with the BOP of the week (personal opinion, don’t kill me)!
The boys are back with a concept that is much darker than their usual concepts and I’m totally digging their new look. I hope we can see more releases that are of similar style from them!

The song is a BOP, ’nuff said. Just support them by buying the album already!

Actually – even we aren’t sure about how to buy the album as it’s not available in any of Indian platforms 🙁 Don’t be shy to stream though!

That’s it folks for this week’s comeback guide! Did we miss anything? Comment below and we will check it out right away! See y’all next week ^^