Desi Weekly Comeback Guide 13

Desi Weekly Comeback Guide 13 is here along with the OG’s of modern K-POP – TVXQ!  **cheering in the background** (Maybe we should do a video instead of an article for comeback guide 😉 )

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to all the readers! Wishing you all have an amazing year ahead and let’s continue to join our hands together to spread le hallyu wave (Damn, those memes used to be fun).

This week wasn’t filled with comebacks but the quality of each comeback good enough to make up for the quantity. Shall we?


ASH-B IS BACK! The “Unpretty Rapstar” rap-star is back with a banger “Up”! Looks like Ash B is rediscovering herself and trying out new stuffs jumping on the “R&B” bandwagon.

I do miss the fierce ASH-B but this song itself is pretty good and refreshing. Definitely on our playlist!

The single is available in the following Indian platforms;


TVXQ are back with “Truth”, a soothing song designed to calm you down irrespective of the situation that you’re in. TVXQ ask if you’d love them again and what love is?  Although I don’t know the answer for the latter, the answer for the first question is “YES!”.

So yes, do not hesitate from buying the album, which is available on;

NCT Dream are back in the form of a “Station Release” – “Candle Light”, the song will make you wonder – why this isn’t a full fledged comeback?

PS: It has Mark’s rap at the end. *-*

The single is available on;

… and that’s our picks for the week! Hope you enjoyed this as much as we did and see you next week!

If you miss us in the mean time, feel free to check out last week’s comeback guide 😛