Welcome back to the “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide”!!

It has been ages since our last guide, hasn’t it? Were you guys perhaps missing it and are glad to see it back.

No need to be shy, you can be happy if so, because this guide is here to introduce you again to some newly released songs that are definitely ‘Playlist-material’. Oh, and of course, there would be links for streaming and downloading every comeback track/ album so let’s get in-2-it 😉

*I just wanted to express love for the boys who gave an exquisite interview to us, so if you haven’t seen that, better check that out too.*

So, let’s gooooo!


SULLI 설리고블린 (Goblin)’ MV

I always had thought that Sulli wasn’t given enough chance to show her full potential as an artist when she was in f(x) and this solo comeback is a definite proof of her limitless talent, making it even more special for her fans.

The MV starts with the POV of a person suffering from a dissociative disorder where the subject persona played beautifully by Sulli btw, is with three other different personalities as well. This combined with an eccentric beat at the beginning, give the song a very ominous and yet a meaningful vibe.

So go and stream!

You can listen to/download it on:



This OST, i’m not even going to lie, had me tearing up 15 seconds into the music video. The opening line, ‘If you were not there then, would we, who were just like a lonely island, shine as bright as now?’  was the cause of it because let’s face it BTS loves ARMY (their fans if you didn’t know) and credit their own success to them.

The OST shows an alternative world for the boys, showing that if it weren’t for BTS, they would never have met and would have never shined like they do right now.  *I don’t even want to imagine that tbh*

As for the technicalities, they are as usual quite remarkable as well. The aesthetics, visuals and vocals in the MV are on point and don’t even get me started on the rap you just have to hear RM rap in English because that was freaking amazing!

You can listen to/download it on:


(SIK-K) -IS IT LOVE? (Feat. MOON) (Prod. GXXD)

When you get to know that Sik-k dropped a song, you know it’s going to be dope even before you listen to it.

The song is in collaboration with an artist I had never heard of before (Moon) but after this collaboration, I’m definitely going to listen to more of her tracks because this girl can REALLY SING! And of course, buddy, me jamming to this song means IT IS LOVE😉

You can listen to/download it on:



Honestly, when I clicked on their MV (it popped up in my recommendations), I did it solely because I was curious. And boy i’m glad I did, because this debut is so beautiful that you just can’t help smiling the whole time this video is playing it had me looking like a goofy idiot.

Everybody you just have to check them out; Sleep on beds not CICI :’)

You can listen to/download it on:


TXG (Ten-X-Girlz) – “DREAM GIRLZ” MV

Are you ready to give up on your dream because it’s not working out as easily as you thought it would? If so, let these dream girlz who are so freaking adorable btw inspire you to trust yourself more and keep moving forward.

Although a fairly new unit, these talented girls surely have what it takes to achieve their dreams as their drive and potential seems unlimited! Unfortunately we couldn’t find any streaming platforms except youtube, check out the video below:


(G)I-DLE – ‘Uh-Oh’

(G)I-DLE is back and uh-oh you better not expect them to act fake for you because these badass chicks don’t like the sweet-talk fakers at all. A must listen for all the ladies out there feeling low due to love because these gorgeous queens are here to preach!

Not only this, but what makes this song even more appealing is the “old school hip-hop vibe”!

You can listen to/download it on:


(Feat. VINXEN) – Chanakorea MV

‘Ayyaaa….’, the trademark phrase of the High School Rapper Season 2 finalist, Vinxen makes a reappearance in this song, announcing the start of his unique flow induced verse.

The special feature of the song, you ask? If you watch the mv as you listen to the song, by the end of it, trust me, you’re going to fall for Chanakorea’s ADORABLE smile.

You can listen to/download it on:



Visit Yoon Hyun Sang’s universe where there is only the two of you. *Suggestive eyebrow wriggling xD*

This song is one of my favourite from his new album “Lover”,  since the lyrics and his voice are so heart-wrenchingly beautiful that you just can’t help but fall in love. It’s pure bliss guys, a must listen for sure I tell you!

You can listen to/download it on:


NO:EL- SUMMER 19’ (Feat. Jhnovr, Benzamin)

This song by NO:EL is one which makes me ask, “Is it really summer 2019 if you’re not jamming to this?”

With its fresh and summer-y vibes that go along well with the youthful playfulness in the MV, combined with their lit flows, make the track a true “Summer Anthem of 2019”. You can tell it’s going to be a BOP right from when you hear “GRAY…” at the beginning of the song because GRAY never disappoints.

You can listen to/download it on:



You know wigs are going to be snatched when Chung Ha snaps!

I’m so in love with her voice, her dancing, her performance, her outfits and basically EVERYTHING about this comeback!!! Most idols look good in blonde but there are only a few who slay the game with platinum blonde hair and Chung Ha definitely is one of them. Those close-ups they do where she stares into the camera is what gave me life. *Definitely my ultimate girl crush from now on xD*

You can listen to/download it on:


Ted Park – Drippin’ (ft. Jessi) 

When Ted Park proclaims in the song “ISSA BOP”, then you bet IT-IS-A-BOP. And, with my favourite female rapper Jessi featuring in it whose I-don’t-care-what-you-think attitude is a total mood, this song just reaches a whole different level of being awesome.

You can listen to/download it on:



When the song starts with a heavy bass beat, you know it’s a hardcore hip-hop song that is going to have you jamming to it for the rest of your life!

The MV is lit, the flows are unique and oh-so-smooth you wouldn’t know how addicted you are to it, until you are grooving to the beat and screaming the lyrics in your broken Korean at the top of your voice.

You can listen to/download it on:


If we missed something, feel free to comment below!

Writer: Ishika Rawat