After powering up for a week on my pace ( see what I did there? 😉 ), we are baaack with the second edition of the “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide”! Now, we know that y’all were desperately waiting for this corner so don’t feel shy to use the comment section. Without any further adu – adeuu – adeu ? (Eh, nevermind ) – DELAY, let’s dive in to this week’s top comebacks and where you can find them for affordable prices online 😀


1. Stray Kids – I Am WHO

“Straaaay Kidssss — WAATCHHH OUTT” (freaking love the song YAYAYA); Stray Kids are back with their first comeback and an MV which is in the list of Top 20 most-watched K-POP MV on YouTube.


The rap line is lit, the choreography is simply oozing with powerful youth energy and this is definitely one of the comebacks you NEED to check out if you haven’t already. The entire album is thankfully available for pretty affordable prices digitally and you can find them here:


After **whispers ** JYP, it’s SM’s resident Girl Group that we all love who also made a come back on the same day! Red Velvet came with a cheerful, artistic and a summery(Don’t know if that’s a word but can’t think of anything better to describe it!) All Kill-er to Power – y’all – Up!


And Power Up is available for Desi Reveluvs on both Google Play and iTunes (And of course it made it to #1 in Indian iTunes album chart)!


D-CRUNCH ( stands for DIAMOND CRUNCH ) is a hip-hop boy group that debuted this week. The group is under ALL- S Entertainment and the debut mini-album “0806” is licensed by Loen Entertainment. Honestly? They have more potential that’s yet to be unleashed but don’t shy away from their talent, the boys participated in composing, producing, and making choreography for this debut, their title track “Palace” was written and arranged by members O.V, Hyunoh, and Hyungwook. The group is rap heavy and I have a feeling that they will do something really good, real soon!

Unfortunately, the mini album is not available in any of Indian digital platforms BUT thought this group is worth giving a shout out too!

4. DIA – Summer Ade

DIA are finally back with a bubbly song channeling summer which will make sure that you will be grinning for a few seconds even after the song is finished – before you hit the replay button again. The girls look fabulous while having fun at the beach ( which made me miss my hometown a bit 🙁 ) and the song is a BOP. Here’s an advice, Put the MV on full screen of your TV along with a Mojito, you’re welcome.

The entire album is available in both Google Play and iTunes and the links are given below:

5. KASPER – Time Is Up

Fans of “Show Me The Money” and “Unpretty Rapstar” will know who Kasper is and I personally missed her A LOT. Surprisingly, Kasper dropped a mini album consisting of 5 songs as a Vocalist BUT does a good job at it! She gave justice to all the songs with her vocals but personally, I kinda missed rapper Kasper.

The entire mini album is available on Google Play!

6. LOOΠΔ – favOriTe

One of the rookie groups to WATCH OUT for, probably the MOST anticipated debut of the year so far and not sure but maybe the group with the world record for longest and largest number of debut teasers is and they are here with a BANG! The music and the MV are TOTALLY my style!  The choreography is great and the girls are looking fabulous as EVER. I still can’t understand how so many talented people can fit in a single group – EACH of them is the IT-girl of the group.

The single is available on iTunes and Google Play!

7. BRAVE GIRLS – Rollin’ (New Version)

You know what should be a crime in every part of the world? Not knowing Brave Girls! D:

These girls are amazing and they have it all – vocals, rapping, dancing, visuals – EVERYTHING! STOP READING THIS ARTICLE AND CHECK OUT THE REMIX OF ROLLIN’ ALREADY!

aandd here are the digital links! Go! Buy! GO GO GO!

8. Jin (BTS) – Epiphany

The comeback trailer is not available digitally in India but I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I didn’t mention the much anticipated #Jintro! I cried, you cried, we all cried and we are proud of it. The vocals are amazing, the visuals are amazing, I spent more time trying to understand the theories behind the MV & then going through the lyrics of the video than I ever had back when I was a student – NOT regretting it the slightest. Special mention to the fact that it trended on Twitter India – yeah the power of Indian BTSxARMY !


Feel like we missed something out? Feel free to comment below! ^^