Annyeonghaseyo! ( Yes, I can’t write hangul >.>);

Before we begin, we recently ran a poll to find out how many people have been benefited by our “Desi Weekly Comeback Guide” and OVER 50% VOTED ON … not knowing what desi weekly comeback guide is (lel) 🙁 SO! For people who don’t know, Desi Weekly Comeback Guide is a list of K-POP releases that happened in the past week along with links to where you can buy it for a cheaaaaaaap price, online in India!

Now that we all know what this is about, firstly, super duper sorry for the delay in this week’s edition of comeback guide! Due to several unforeseen circumstances ( For a second, I sounded professional there XD ) we couldn’t make this on time BUT we will make sure that this won’t happen in the future! Now, let’s dive right into the weekly comebacks!

1.LEEBADA(이바다) _ Night Dream(야몽음인 (夜夢陰人))

I confused the name to Bada of S.E.S and got hyped about this but what I encountered was a pleasant surprise that blew my mind off. Bada apparently means “Wind” in Korean and Lee Bada’s voice is exactly as refreshing as an evening spring breeze. Yes, I’m not good at articulating but if you listen to the song, you will know what I’m talking about!

You’re welcome! Unfortunately, this is not available in any of Indian online platforms for sale but after listening to this song, I just couldn’t stop myself from sharing this with everybody.

2. SHA SHA(샤샤) _ What The Heck

SHA SHA recently made news as one of their members, Wan Lin, collapsed while performing on stage. Honestly, they should be more on the news for their bright personality and comeback. This is the UWU comeback of the week, literally ( I mean, in chorus they sing uwwwwuuuuuu- uwu!).

Their smiles are so addictive x_x Thankfully, unlike the previous release -the single is available for desi k-pop fans in the following platform!

3.BTS (방탄소년단) –  ‘IDOL’

THE COMEBACK WE ALL WERE WAITING FOR! THE COMEBACK FOR WHICH YOU SKIPPED SCHOOL AND I SKIPPED WORK FOR! Honestly, I was a bit surprised on how it sounded as it sounded quite different from the teaser but I couldn’t stop me from lovin’ this comeback! I still can’t choose whether I liked the original more or the one with Nicki Minaj more. And hey do we hear some Bollywood familiarity to this? Let us know 😀

The entire album is currently available in the following platforms;

4. ALiKE(얼라이크) – Summer Love(썸머러브)

Thank you ALiKE for keeping the summer going! It’s hard to believe that this is a debut song as this is really well produced & probably my personal favorite summer song this year(I’m an audiophile so trust me on this one!). The vocals & rap are on point and the visuals are good enough to make you smile, each time you hit repeat.

The song is currently available on iTunes!

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much it for this week but DON’T MISS next week’s edition ‘coz we have #GUN and Jooheon (of Monsta X) releasing their music!