Last night she blew up the twitter and all our hearts by an unexpected statement she gave during her concert. It spread rapidly around the internet, with “Sunmi” trending worldwide and standing at 3 on Twitter India Trends with #ThisNightByJinOutNow trending at 2!




In the video clip below she can be seen saying:

“I have many different sides of me.”

“Like I’m quirky and LGBT.”


She the went out to add “…there are sides of me that i know very well, like, just like the one i just said. and sometimes there are times when i don’t know myself. Sometimes I wonder what more i am.” Watch full clip here.


The way she took a pause before she mentioned LGBT showed how much effort it took her to say it out loud on a public platform, infront of an huge audience! It looks like, till the very last moment she was contemplating whether she should say it or not.


Fans are celebrating as Sunmi has always been a supporter of LGBTQ and a woke queen in general but this is big and we are all over the moon with another fantastic addition to pride month.

These are all speculations in the end though, we believe nothing can be said for sure unless an official statement is made by her or on her behalf. It can be that she meant she’s a supporter her statement is vague and open to many interpretation. But it does not take away from the fact that our Queen Sunmi just did that, if it’s possible we love her even MORE!