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Blackpink’s Lisa may have just had her solo debut but she doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. After the instant success of Lalisa with which she made several records, she has now released her first solo collab. She was roped in for DJ Snake’s ‘SG’ along with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion. Also called ‘Sxygirl’, the single is DJ Snake’s latest project following the trap-house song ‘Pondicherry’. ‘SG’ was released on October 22 and has already landed on several charts globally, as well as in South Korea.

Blackpink Lisa SG iTunes India

Dubbed as SOLM, DJ Snake, Ozuna, Lisa and Megan Thee Stallion also got together to release a music video. And fans of all four artists are hyping up the collab. ‘SG’ entered several reputable charts like Genius at #2, topped FLO and iTunes. It also made waves in India! Indian fans helped the song ‘SG’ chart at #1 on iTunes India. It was also #1 on iTunes in 39 countries like Peru, Thailand and Singapore. Even the music video is at #1 on iTunes India Music Video Chart as it got 5 million YouTube views over 4 hours and is currently at 20 million views.


‘SG’ or ‘Sxygirl’ is a fun Latin-based song with trap and reggae sounds in the arrangement. Similarly, the music video has clubbing energy as DJ Snake and Ozuna vibe to the song. Megan twerking in a pool or Lisa proving herself as the main dancer during the beat drop are the highlights in the vibrant music video. Fans were happy as Lisa got to join the other artists through the magic of green screen. All four artists are involved in writing the lyrics of the song and Blinks and Lilies are excited that Lisa has also helped compose the song.

At the same time, Blackpink and Blinks have won several awards at the BreakTudo Awards. The K-pop group won ‘Best Female K-pop Group’, ‘Lovesick Girls’ got ‘Best International Song’, Blinks won ‘Best International Fandom’ while Rosé got ‘International Breakthrough Artist’. Lisa too has continued to expand her personal records as Money peaked at #5 on Global Spotify Daily Chart with 3.8 million streams and has made her the first K-pop soloist to achieve this.

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