Want a smooth flawless skin like IU’s or the Queens’ from BlackPink?

Then get ready to upgrade your skincare regimen from the basic cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine to a more therapeutic and effective routine practiced by all the gorgeous Korean idols to maintain their flawless visuals 😉


So, are we ready yet?

Then let’s go, delve deeper into the mysteries of perfect beauty!


      01. Oil Cleanser

The first part of the double-cleansing that Asian women are a big fan of is the removal of oil from the skin by the ‘Oil Cleanser’. It is basically working on the “funda” that similar gets attracted to similar and so the oil from the skin gets removed by the oil cleanser, along with your daily makeup and sunscreen layering.


      02. Foam Cleanser


The second part of the double cleansing comes into play when the oil cleanser successfully removes the makeup and sunscreen layer from your skin. It is finally time for a deeper and more thorough cleaning of the skin!


      03. Exfoliator 

One of the major pillars of Korean skincare, exfoliation of dead skin cells regularly to reveal to the surface the brighter and newer skin cells that make your skin glow and retain their youthful nature is a must for someone who wants to upgrade their skin to a flawless one!

NOTE: Excessive exfoliation can irritate the skin and cause damage to the skin cells, hence caution should be maintained to practice diligent exfoliation i.e. exfoliate only 2-3 times a week.


      04. Toner 

One of the best gifts you could give to your skin, a toner is the perfect ingredient of the skincare routine for providing the much needed hydration to the skin. It does so by balancing moisture and pH levels of the skin.


      05. Essence

A perfect blend of hydrating, complexion enhancing and anti-aging ingredients, essence has the prepping properties of a toner and the treatment abilities of a serum as well. It also works like magic when we talk about cell turnover.


      06. Serums and Ampoules

This treatment stage is where all the powerhouse ingredients are packed into one serum/ ampoule where the bulk of the skin concerns like fighting acne, pigmentation, fine lines, etc. are treated. It is beneficial as it directly targets and treats these problem areas, making your skin look better and better with each passing month 🙂


      07. Sheet Masks

This almost-mystical secret of getting lush, hydrated and plump skin in just 15-20 mins is one of the most widely known and trending product used by women and men alike of all ages, all across the world. 

The soul of Korean Skincare routines, Sheet masks do not just infuse concentrated essence into your skin but are also a meditative, healing ritual for many!

NOTE: Do not leave on the sheet mask on the skin for more than the prescribed time on the product used!


      08. Eye Cream

Our eyes are surrounded by the thinnest and most delicate skin layers on our face and hence are more prone to fine lines, dark circles, puffiness and aging. Hence, its important to cater to the special needs of these delicate layers by applying eye cream that are packed with specially formulated and extra gentle, non irritating ingredients. 

NOTE: While applying Eye Creams, just tap with your pinkie or ring finger, Never Rub!


      09. Moisturiser

The final step in a nighttime routine and the most important since it acts as a seal to seal in the moisture and power-packed, healing ingredients for better absorption into the skin, the moisturiser comes in various forms- lotion, gel, oil, etc. and aids in making the skin plump and smoothing the fine lines.


      10. Sunscreen

You all must have heard your moms and aunts always saying, “Wear a sunscreen when you go out, varna kaali hojayegi!

Well, Korean Skincare takes this saying to an even further level, adding on to it that even if you stay inside most of the time during the day, sunscreen is a must! 

This is so because sunscreen doesn’t just help protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the skin or prevent skin cancer but also helps our skin retain its youthfulness for as long as possible. Some sunscreens even have anti-pollution ingredients in them to combat the increasing concern of pollution-based ageing.



The usual three step: cleanser-toner-moisturiser routine might have seemed like a chore to many, putting on whatever you found in the bathroom cabinet; but this skincare routine even with its 10 steps turns into a type of relaxation and healing for the skin and the soul as well, when you pamper yourself after a hard, long day at work or school 😉


So, let’s adopt a ‘Korean-skin Mindset’ and take care of ourselves and our beautiful skins!


Let us know know your skincare routines in the comment section below.