DPR LIVE of the audio-visual collective, Dream Perfect Regime is back with a new EP titled ‘IITE COOL’. This EP follows in the footsteps of his 2020 album, ‘IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?’ and boasts of 6 stunning tracks that perfectly fit the prolonged summer season we are experiencing. It features three talented artists – labelmate DPR IAN, HWASA, and BEENZINo, along with Producers – DPR CREAM and Ampoff who have worked on a lot of popular K-Hiphop and R&B songs before as well.


With funky lettering and colorful hues of the teasers hyping up the fans alongside the pre-released 80s funk-pop track, ‘Yellow Cab’, DPR LIVE’s EP release has pleasantly stood up to everyone’s expectations, maybe even gone beyond them. The title track, ‘Hula Hoops’ which features MAMAMOO‘s velvety singer, HWASA, and Illionaire Records’ rapper, BEENZINO, is the biggest proof of it! Employing the vibrance seen before in ‘Yellow Cab’, the title track is a melodic euphony that carries “the perfect scent for the summer season.” The song has already charted #1 on iTunes India and is very close to topping the iTunes charts of various other regions across the world – Panama, Philippines, Malaysia, Brazil, etc.


The song opens with DPR LIVE setting the mood with his groovy flow and seemingly funky vocal inflections of certain Korean words which make them sound fresh. Taking over from him, BEENZINO comes in next with a chill rap verse where he even shouts out to his fiance, Stephanie! The mixing of the bouncy consistent beats with the pop melody line adds to the rich flavor of the two artists’ musicality too.

Slowing the beat down, HWASA‘s mellifluent vocals come in and take over the listeners, much like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. The superior cinematography and aesthetics that are the signature of Dream Perfect Regime also carry the vibes of the track aptly. The trio of DPR LIVE, HWASA, and BEENZINO have surely brewed the ultimate summer bop for all of us!


Check out ‘IITE COOL’ here:

 Have you listened to DPR LIVE’s EP already? Which song and featuring won you over? Was it Hwasa or Beenzino or DPR IAN? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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