Lovestruck in the City casting Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won has been released in the near end of 2020. For those who have been mesmerized by the night messenger in action dramas, can never decipher his tranquility in a romatic transformation. After Backstreet Rookie, Ji Chang Wook fans must be enthralled to watch him again in another rom-com same year, a ‘cherry on top’ epilogue for stepping in 2021. Those who might prefer him in action, his first time together with Kim Ji Won, could ensorcell such. The captivating couple surely earns a star for the cast makers. It was a long wait after Arthdal Chronicles for Kim Ji Won fans to see her on-screen.

So far the past faced story is exciting to watch, despite, the subtle breaks in the story depiction, one might not get lost in the interim. The viewers might enjoy the bittersweet glimpses during meal breaks, the slow pace has an indelible effect with an inchoating mixture of curiosity and adventure. Unlike a clichéd break-up story in a rom-com, the story offers a lot more intriguing emotions of a past-faced reality.

Park Jae Won(Ji Chang Wook) is an architect who went on a month-long solo trip in search of,  freedom of shores and his leisure pursuit of making surfboards. He comes across an amiable girl Lee Eun-o feigning her appearance as Yeon Seon Ah(Kim Ji Won). They start dating in the first month of the trip which extends to two, meanwhile, a perfunctory marriage knot brings forth more emotions between the two. The scenic beauty and the energy building between them as young adults full of adrenaline- in search of fun, is captivating to watch. At the end of the trip, Jae Won leaves due to an office emergency and forgets to bid her farewell as he was expecting to meet her in two weeks’ time back in Seoul. For Lee Eun-o, it was her time to return back to reality and face the music.

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Jae Won still lives in the retrospection of her memories as he is oblivious to what went wrong that they had to part ways like that. Concurrently, Jae Won’s cousin Kyeong Jun is dating Lee Eun-o’s childhood friend Suh Rin-i. After Dr romantic 2 So Joo Yeon as the second lead cast incentivizes her cute personality in her character.

The drama nurtures the special appearance of SHINee’s Minho, his first drama after his discharge from military, arousing great excitement within his fans-shawols by his part as Oh Dong Sik. He is an austere yet humble policeman trying the best of his capabilities to support Jae Won. In his drunk confessions, he narrates his struggles of finding the pretty women Yeon Seon Ah- who stole his cameras and urges the policeman to help him find the “camera-thief”.

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Speaking of “One in a Million” a poignant OST by Suran, with soothing lyrics and alluring guitar play, is unconditionally mesmerizing. The OST was the ‘icing on cake’ for this drama. To sum up, the drama might be a nostalgic reminder of a reminiscing beautiful past and not succumbing to the test of time.