In these troubled times of the worldwide spread of COVID-19, people are not only fighting for their lives but are also fighting against the constant fear and despair that overcomes them as they are forced to stay locked away in their own homes.


To support the treatment of these millions of people infected by this spreading virus and the billion others who are locked in their homes, a Millenasia Project titled “Be The Future” has been introduced by the fandom culture brand, Millenasia in partnership with Global Teacher Prize Winning, Varkey Foundation for UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition.


The project aims to dispel this blanket of fear through the power of “Asian Cool” music that renowned Asian millennials and K-Pop Artists like Dreamcatcher, AleXa & IN2IT have decided to work together and release worldwide as a special album titled “Be The Future”.


This special album, “Be The Future” is also a ‘giving back to the society’ project as the proceeds from the sale of this album will be donated to the COVID Fund set up by UNESCO!


The Official Audio of the track was released worldwide on all online platforms on May 1, 2020 and the much anticipated Official Music Video’s World Premiere was on 6th May, 2020.

With uplifting and hopeful lyrics, Be The Future is an upbeat track that is dedicated to teaching the basic prevention measures we need to take in combating COVID-19, in the simplest and cutest way possible.The music video directed by Zanybros, is as vibrant as life is, with all the artists emphasising on the need to come together in these pandemic times and do our part of saving lives, simply by staying indoors.

The mv also had various cute interactions between the artists in the music video like Isaac video calling Yeontae rather than meeting him outside, Siyeon excercising indoors, Alexa subtly telling Isaac and Hyunyuk to maintain some social distance when they talk, Dreamcatcher and Yeontae dabbing and sneezing/coughing into their elbows, Jiahn remembering to study as well and of course SuA washing her hands “soapy clean” for 20 seconds.

All these interactions, in addition to the uplifting message of the track and the hopeful vocals of the artists, are aimed at promoting and educating the world about the importance of following these basic safety and hygiene guidelines in the most memorable way- ear pleasing bright melodies and a visual treat of cuteness 😉

So let’s all come together and support these idols in their mission to combat COVID-19 through the power of music and boost the amount donated buying the special album from:

Apple Music


Jio Saavn

Amazon Music


Also, remember to wash your hands, maintain social distancing and wear a mask to fight the pandemic 🙂



Did you like this release by our favourite K-Pop Artists?
Do you think it will help bring comfort and hope to the many suffering worldwide?
Did you do your part of saving lives by staying indoors today?
Spill your thoughts in the comments and stay safe 🙂