Dreamcatcher Releases Special Mini Album 'Summer Holiday' With Title Track 'BEcause'

Internationally loved girl group Dreamcatcher just dropped the music video for BEcause and much awaited special mini album Summer Holiday. In Dreamcatcher’s signature unique style, the title track contains words that talk about an intense love that changes into an obsession with an occult-like vibe.

Although the song was performed on a music show a day prior, the MV of BEcause on the 30th of July was brand new for everyone. The video was intense and had a sort of retro creepy feel to it which blended perfectly with symbolic lyrics such as “wipe away all the spilled paint, wipe away the tears before they dry and harden”. Furthermore the choreography is addictive and quite simple to follow.

Explaining why the BE in BEcause was capitalized the members said that it is to highlight the double meaning of the title. In addition to meaning ‘because’ in English, it also emphasizes the word BE in Korean which means sadness. The title track was entirely produced by OLLUNDER and LEEZ, who have a hand in creating every one of the 6 tracks in the album.

Overall, the entire package is a complete treat to listen to for both non-fans and Insomnias alike!

You can watch the MV for BEcause here:


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