It was yet another uneventful day in lockdown but desi ELF’s woke up to a sweet double surprise from Yesung of Super Junior.

yesung of super junipr


The pictures captioned “ek achchha din hai’’ in Hindi was uploaded accompanied by a masked selfie of Yesung on his twitter account and an aesthetic selfie on Instagram.
The comment section on both his social media accounts was filled with surprised fans thankful for his gesture and acknowledgment of his Indian fans. Desi ELF’s were ignited with hope and longing for a Super Junior concert in India because of this caption in Hindi.


The world is going through a difficult phase and it isn’t any different in India but this simple gesture by Yesung made Desi ELF’s hopeful for an “achchha din” and also made their day.

ELF’s do you think this is an indication for a future concert by Super Junior in India?
Let us know in the comment section 😊

Until then wash your hands, stay safe and keep streaming your favorite k-pop music videos.