ENHYPEN Peaks At #2 On iTunes India With Album "Border: Day One"

The 7 boys, who fought tooth and nail competing against 16 other competitors over two seasons as the world watched on, finally reached the sweet breakthrough of a debut.

Enhypen officially debuted with their album BORDER: DAY ONE on 30th November 2020, along with a music video drop for the title track “Given-Taken”. What further added the cherry on top of this saccharine debut was the amount of love and success it received.


iTunes India Trends

Indian fans were notable contributors in the formation of this group, voting diligently right from the beginning for their favourite I-Land contestants. It thus barely comes as a surprise that the Indian leg of fans, known as ENGENES, propelled the band to top trends across various platforms in India. The album charted #2 on the iTunes India Album Chart within just a few hours of its release and is currently holding fort at #3.




At the time of writing, 5 out of the 6 tracks are trending within the Top 100 of iTunes India at the following positions.


Twitter India Trends

Desi ENGENEs worked tirelessly to publicize the debut and soon enough #ENHYPEN_DEBUT was trending at #2 on Twitter India trends for hours.

Enhypen Trends in India


The hashtags “ENHYPEN_DEBUT”, “mnet”, “Given- Taken” and “Jake” were also trending on Twitter India before and after the debut.


About The Septet

The septet, Enhypen, was sculpted from the hit reality survival show I-LAND, where 23 boys faced numerous challenges and progressed through global audiences’ and judges’ votes for the promised debut as an idol group. The contest was a joint venture between BigHit and CJ E&M with BE:LIFT Lab serving as the group’s chief producers.BigHit CEO Bang Si-Hyuk, chief choreographer Son Sung Deuk also served as the judges and the boys were briefly mentored by BTS and TXT and later, Seventeen.

Source: I-LAND

More on ‘Border: Day One’ and ‘Given-Taken’ Music Video

The entire theme of “Border: Day One”, is based on dichotomies and contrasts. The lo-fi hip-hop title track “Given-Taken” serves as the perfect debut track, capturing the boys’ thoughts and mixed emotions about their debut and an uncertain future. The music video received a positive response from critics for its high-quality production, polished and professional performance, and the introduction of a mystique storyline – common to BigHit labels. The cinematic production has already reached 8 million views within 19 hours of the release.


On a global scale, the album became the highest first-day debut album for a rookie group ever and garnered the highest first-day sales on ‘Hanteo’, simultaneously entering iTunes trends of multiple nations.

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