Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)

Following in the footsteps of the 1st part of their 10th studio album, ‘Epik High Is Here 上’, the second continuation ‘Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’ was released on 14th February 2022. Consisting of 12 tracks, the EP boasts of synergetic musicality of some of the best artists of the current Korean music industry: JUSTHIS, Wonstein, pH-1, Colde, Younha, GIRIBOY, Sik-K, Lee Hi, and Kim Feel. Coming out on Valentine’s Day, a festive celebration of love, Epik High’s latest release is an understanding and comforting companion for listeners; signaling that the veteran hip-hop trio is there for them, with them.

Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’s album art


EPIK HIGH – ‘Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’

Raising the anticipation for the new EP with pre-release tracks, ‘Rain Song’ and ‘FACE ID’, Epik High’s ‘Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’ imparts the feeling of overcoming loneliness, loss, and circumstantial restraints, to walk the path of self-love and liberation. Hence, just like their previous albums, the trio of Tablo, DJ Tukutz, and Mithra Jin tackle these emotionally immersive themes, while at the same time, raising the qualitative experience of listening to their music.

Moving from the sentimental ambiance of ‘Rain Song’ with R&B singer, Colde, to the bass-synth powered ‘FACE ID’ that critically appraises the increasing trend of immersing oneself in the virtual world and online trolling, and further on to the evocative lead track with Younha, ‘Gray So Gray’, ‘Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’ weaves through the light and dark sides of all human emotions.

There is just something freeing about seeing the despairing lyrics, “It’s because I’ve been hurt too many times / It’s because I’ve been lied to too many times / I don’t want to be like this either / I want to smile”, transition to a blazoning roar of “All the fake news/ All the fake IP/ If you got somethin’ to say/ Stop hiding/ And say it to my face”. Moving from one Epik High track to the next, you can feel the emotions and the building power coursing through your very body – just listening to ‘Epik High Is Here 下 (Part 2)’ seems to be a liberation of self, an expression of individuality!


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