K-Pop Survival Show Girls Planet 999

Survival shows are the perfect platform for artists to show their talent and gain popularity. It has long been used to create K-pop groups like I.O.I and ENHYPEN. In fact, many have dubbed Mnet’s new survival show ‘Girls Planet 999‘ as the female version of ‘I-Land.’ It is a girl group survival show where the winners will debut in a new K-pop group.

The show will first air on August 6, 2021 at 8:20 PM KST on Mnet’s official YouTube channel. Certain clips and performances will also be available on their YouTube channel.

It will be hosted by Yeo Jingoo who is known for his role in ‘Hotel Del Luna.’ The girls will also have K-pop mentors Sunmi and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany who will guide them along with the trainers.

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The trainers are:

Dance Masters Juhee, a choreographer and dancer for JYPE and SM choreographer Baek Koo-young.

Vocal Masters – Ex-Dal Shabet member Jo Ayoung and ex-Monday Kiz member Lim Han-byul

The Participants

The show consists of 99 trainees. They’re divided into 3 groups – the K-group has 33 South Korean contestants, the J-group has 33 Japanese girls and the C-group has 33 girls from China. However, in the preview of the first episode, it was revealed that in teams of 3 consisting of a K-group, J-group and C-group participant, the team will either survive or be eliminated. In the end, 9 winners will get together to form a K-pop group. 

Along with some of the girls who have already debuted in girl groups, there are participants who also have yet to debut in the music industry. Some of the participants that stood out are:


Source: @girlsplanet999 on Instagram

CLC’s Yujin
Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon
TXT Kai’s sister Bahiyyih
Former SM trainee Kim Chaehyun
LIPBUBBLE’s You Dayeon
BVNDIT’s Seungeun


Source: @girlsplanet999 on Instagram

Youth With You 2’s Zhang Luofei
Youth With You 2’s Xu Ziyin
Su Ruiqi
Gu Yizhou went viral for her chaotic introductory clip
CHUANG 2020’s Shen Xiaoting


Source: @girlsplanet999 on Instagram

Hayashi Fuko is known for her dance covers
Nagai Manami is part of the drum group Nowa Daiko
Former JYPE trainee Sakamoto Mashiro
Cherry Bullet’s May
Orange Latte’s Kishida Ririka
Ezaki Hikaru was the centre of the J-Group introductory stage
Sakurai Miu had taken part in the Nizi Project

The survival show also released an introductory stage for all 3 groups performing the same song ‘O.O.O.’ 

The K-group’s stage:

The C-group’s stage:

The J-group’s stage:


Are you excited for this survival show? Will you watch it? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below.

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