Show Me The Money 10

Mnet’s talent show ‘Show Me The Money’s 10th edition is here. Having launched in 2012, the hip-hop/rap survival show is already in its 10th season and Mnet is going all out to celebrate it. Also called ‘SMTM‘, the competitive show has churned out winners like Loco, Lil Boi and Punchnello. The K-HipHop scene is quite different from the global K-Pop industry with several underground and indie rappers. And ‘SMTM‘ helps in bringing fans of rap and hip-hop together by providing a platform for new and emerging artists.

The show premiered on October 1 and airs every Friday on Mnet’s channel and will have 10 episodes.


Producers are veteran artists who act as mentors, as well as judges for the participants. 4 teams of 2 producers each guide the participants through the competition.

Team Gray x Winner’s Mino – BewhY, the winner of season 5 was from Gray’s team. Mino was the runner-up of the 4th season.

Team Zion.T x Slom – Zion.T was a producer on seasons 5 and 9. Lil Boi, the winner of season 9 was in his team.

Team Yumdda x Toil – Yumdda was a mentor on ‘High School Rapper 4’.

Team Gaeko x Code Kunst – Gaeko was a producer on season 6. Code Kunst was a producer on seasons 7 and 9.


With 27k auditions, the 10th season is the biggest of ‘SMTM’ yet. The winner will receive 300 million won, an album deal and music business support.

Out of the hundreds of participants chosen, only 132 survived the preliminary round. The second round which was the infamous one-minute rap led to 56 participants surviving. The 1-on-1 Battle round had the viewers delighted as it will finally lead to the creation of the Producer Teams. Well, here are 6 viral stages from the show that has fans excited for what is to come next.

Mudd the student in Round 2

Mudd the student is part of the indie K-pop group Balming Tiger. He wowed everyone in Round 2 with his unique style and rap. Viewers too were pleasantly surprised with his duality as his cute persona disappeared once he started rapping. 

Don Mills in Round 2

In Round 2, Don Mills continued his preference for a heavy flow and a strong rap from the preliminary round that got him so far. He got an All Pass (a pass from all of the producers) with his 60-second rap.

San E in Round 2

With San E being a mentor and judge for ‘SMTM’s 3rd and 4th season and ‘High School Rapper 2’ his involvement in ‘SMTM 10’ as a participant got a mixed reception. The producers mirrored the viewers’ mixed reactions as 3 teams gave him a pass while Team Gray X Mino failed him.

Basick in Round 1

Basick has had an interesting run on the show as he won the 4th season. His participation in season 10 has had highs and lows as he has gone viral for forgetting his lyrics in the first round, getting eliminated in the second round and coming back with a revival pass.

BE’O in Round 2

BE’O is a rookie rapper that had also competed in ‘High School Rapper 3’. His soft personality completely transformed when he showed off his singing and rapping in Round 2 and had viewers and the producers rooting for him.

Koonta vs Unofficialboyy in Round 3

The 1-on-1 Battle round began in episode 3 with Koonta vs Unofficialboyy taking everyone by storm. K-Hip-Hop fans may have seen Unofficialboyy on ‘HSR1’ and ‘SMTM’s’ season 4, 7 and 8. Koonta, who won the battle is part of the crew Rude Paper and is an old friend of Yumdda.

Some of the other notable participants are Northfacegawd, Blase, Jo Gwangil, Ahn Byeong-woong, Mac Kidd, Kitsyojii, Tabber and Anandelight.


Are you watching the 10th season of ‘Show Me The Money’? Who are you rooting for? Do you have any other memorable performances? Let us know in the comments below.
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