BLACKPINK THE MOVIE India Theatre Release

With BLACKPINK announcing the ‘4+1 Project’ for their fifth debut anniversary, fans wondered what the ‘1’ stood for. It turns out that the global K-Pop group wanted to gift fans with another movie. They first released their documentary filmBLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky’ on Netflix in 2020. With its booming success, they decided to drop a second documentary ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’ in celebration of their fifth anniversary. It was released in South Korea and selected countries on 4th August 2021 and became the highest-grossing event cinema of the year with a revenue of $4.8 million.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, a lot of the countries didn’t get a chance to watch BLACKPINK’s latest movie. But with the situation getting in control, more and more countries have opened up their cinemas and are releasing ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’ in their theatres. And India happens to be one of them! The film will be released on 12th November, 2021 and will be available at theatres under PVR Pictures. It can be viewed in ScreenX or 4DX wherever available.

Where To Watch And Book Tickets

According to PVR, ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE‘ will be released in Indian cinemas for at least a week. It will be available in several Indian cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad that has PVR. Tickets can be booked from PVR or BookMyShow’s app and website. The sale of tickets is live now. An additional cute perk that BLACKPINK has provided is that fans can customize a ‘Blink Badge’ from their website and can share it online or print and wear it around while going to watch the film!

Does your city have a PVR theatre? Are you ready to watch ‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE‘ in the theatre? Will you be getting your own ‘Blink Badge’ for the screening? Let us know in the comments below.
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